BGMI Classic Crates: What Are They and How to Get Them

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers various kinds of rewards through different events. Some events are exclusive and others are present in the store in various kinds of crates. Players can use Battle Points (BP), Unknown Cash (UC) and the Ace Gold (AG) currency to open these crates to get rewards like character costumes, weapon skins, vehicle skins and other accessories. In this article we will talk about the Classic Crate and how players can get rewards from them.

What is a Classic Crate? 

There are three types of crates in BGMI, Classic Crate, Premium Crate and Supply Crate. Each crate is different from the other with significant changes in rewards and also the prices of those rewards.

The Classic Crate is the most expensive crate with most of the premium rewards being available in this crate.

The Premium Crate is also an expensive crate but it comes with a luck level in which players are guaranteed a reward after a certain number of draws.

The Supply Crate is one of the cheapest crates compared to other crates as players can use the AG currency to redeem rewards.

The most sought after skin in the Classic Crate is the M416 Glacier skin which is available from time to time.

How to get rewards from Classic Crate?

Players are required to have a certain number of UC to get rewards from the Classic crate. Generally one spin in Classic crate will cost 60 UC and 10 spins at a time will cost 540 UC. Players can also use Classic Scrap Coupons to redeem rewards from the Classic crate. You can combine 10 Classic Crate Scrap Coupons to make 1 Classic Crate Coupon which can be used to redeem rewards.

Players can also obtain Classic Crate Coupons by playing matches, completing missions, and from the Royale Pass. The Classic Scrap Coupons can also be purchased with the help of Silver currency. You can purchase 5 Scraps every day from the redeem section in the purchase store.