Mobile Legends (ML) Hero Tier List for December 2023

The ML (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) Tier List for December 2023 ranks every hero from the least viable to the best in ranked games. The list shows which heroes are doing well competitively in the current patch cycle. Nevertheless, you have to understand and figure out how to use these heroes in order to maximize their potential to start winning your matches and climbing the ranked ladder. This ML Tier List for December 2023 is meant to give you an idea of which heroes are performing well in the current meta. How you climb the ranked ladder will be greatly influenced by your playstyle and teammates.

It is important for the team to be well-balanced between Engage (Tank, Assassin, Fighter), Support, Mage, and Marksman. Using this ML tier list for December 2023 will help you decide which Mobile Legends hero should be used for each role to improve your chances of winning.

ML Tier List: Best Assassin

Role: Jungle

Nolan, turned out to be quite a dominant pick in both casual and professional games. The hero has a lot of interesting abilities which helps him deal immense burst damage to enemies. However, positioning is important as this hero can easily be pinned down with crowd control (CC) effects.


Role: Jungle

As one of the hardest heroes to master, being able to play her properly is a big achievement for a lot and can potentially lead to a long win streak considering she is one of the characters with the highest mobility and burst damage.

ML Tier List: Best Fighter

Role: Jungle or EXP Lane

Martis can do multiple dashes as he slashes enemies while also having brief immunity to crowd control effects. Martis can be played both as a Jungler and an EXP Laner which makes him quite flexible.

Yu Zhong

Role: EXP Lane

Yu Zhong offers a lot of benefits for the team aside from damage. His dragon form can open up opportunities to initiate a team fight while also annoying enemies with his crowd control effects.


Role: Mid Lane or Roamer

Valentina remains as one of the best Mages in the game due to her flexibility. Her ability to copy a hero’s Ultimate ability makes her very dangerous as she can easily turn the tides of a battle and use the enemy team’s win condition against them.

Role: Mid Lane or Roamer

If you’re up against stealthy heroes, Novaria is a perfect pick. Her Ultimate ability can mark enemies and reveal their spot for a brief period, allowing you to prevent potential ganks and work around their ambush. Her burst damage can’t be underestimated as she can easily one shot enemies.

ML Tier List: Best Marksman


Role: Gold Lane or Jungle

Bruno can easily split push unguarded lanes. However, he still needs a good lineup in order to perform well. Make sure to have teammates who can work around your playstyle in order to maximize Bruno’s power.


Role: Gold Lane

When dealing against high durability and sustain enemies, Irithel is a good hero to pick in the Gold Lane. Her ability to reduce an enemy’s armor is a huge help in team fights. You can also do basic attacks while moving, which is a big help when running away or chasing opponents.

ML Tier List: Best Support


Role: Roamer or Mid Lane

Mathilda can still maximize the potential of the Flask of the Oasis despite the recent nerf. Her revamped Ultimate ability also allows her to do insane engage and disengage plays. She is also flexible and can build both mage utility or tank depending on the enemy team composition.


Role: Roamer

Despite the Flask of the Oasis nerf, Angela is still one of the strongest healers in the game. She also enables a lot of assassins in the game like Ling who need as much healing as they can in order to take down heroes or objectives during a team fight.

Keep in mind that due to the recent changes, Angela may struggle in the Mid Lane and is better off as a roamer.

Role: EXP Lane, Jungle, or Roam

Uranus’ sustainability is overpowered, especially with healing supports. If a teammate picks Angela or Mathilda, having a frontline Uranus will almost guarantee a victory for the team.


Role: EXP Lane or Jungle

Despite the recent changes which lessen the viability of Utility junglers, Fredrinn remains as one of the best tanks in the game. The hero can build as many tank items as he can and still be able to deal massive burst damage with his Ultimate ability. His taunt skill can also be useful to get your enemies to focus their attacks on you instead of your allies.