BGMI Cricket Exchange Centre: Rewards, Collecting Cricket Bats, and More

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) elevates the gaming experience with its latest event, the Cricket Exchange Centre. This unique event aligns with the fervor of the Cricket World Cup 2023, offering players an array of enticing rewards, including character costumes, trendy glasses, and valuable scrap coupons. The event promises to add a thrilling dimension to BGMI’s gameplay, already celebrated for its accessible graphics and engaging features.

This follows the recent BGMI x which was quite the hit amongst fans.

BGMI Cricket Exchange Centre Detailed

In a nod to the ongoing cricket season, BGMI has unveiled the Cricket Exchange Centre event. Here’s a closer look at what players can get as rewards for participating in this event:

  • Exchange 850 Cricket Bats – Maritime Agent Set.

  • Exchange 350 Cricket Bats – Maritime Agent Glasses.

  • Exchange 90 Cricket Bats – Classic Crate Coupon (can be redeemed 5x times).

  • Exchange 30 Cricket Bats – Supply Crate Coupon (can be redeemed 10x times).

How to get Cricket bats?

To redeem these rewards players will need Cricket bats which can be collected by completing daily missions available in the event. Players should make sure to complete all the missions and collect as many Cricket bats as possible to redeem the maximum number of rewards. The event has further been divided into three parts, Classic Blitz, Arena Frenzy and Daily Trek.

The key to unlocking the best rewards lies in consistent participation. By completing daily missions, players can amass Cricket Bats, which are the gateway to obtaining exclusive in-game items. This event is an excellent opportunity for players to enhance their BGMI experience with free character costumes and scrap coupons, useful for redeeming rewards from Classic or Supply Crates.

The Cricket Exchange Centre event is active until November 23rd, offering players a limited-time chance to enrich their BGMI journey.

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