BGMI Crystal Bloom Event: How to Get Icy Gems, Rewards and More

The 2.9 update in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been released with the winter theme named Frozen Kingdom mode. The update has brought several winter themed rewards and game updates which can be played in the classic mode matches. Recently, the Crystal Bloom event was added to the game which has rewards based on the winter theme. In this article we will take a look at the rewards and how players will be able to obtain the rewards from the event.

BGMI Crystal Bloom event detailed

The Crystal Bloom event in BGMI offers various kinds of rewards like weapons, attachments, helmet skins, character costumes, and more. The rewards can be obtained by playing the Icy Gem draw. The Icy Gems can be used to redeem character costumes and weapon skins from the store. The event has also introduced a one of a kind Glacier like UMP45 skin named Cryofrost Shard – UMP45. The event went live on 22nd December and will end on 25th January along with the 2.9 update.

  • Winter Highness Set – 6 Icy Gems.

  • Winter Highness Cover – 3 Icy Gems.

  • Cryofrost Shard UMP45 (level 1) – 3 Icy Gems.

  • Frosty Snowglobe Backpack – 2 Icy Gems.

  • Chilly Perch Glider – 2 Icy Gems.

  • Winter Highness Emote – 1 Icy Gem.

  • Arctic Witch M16A4 – 1 Icy Gem.

  • Arctic Witch AUG – 1 Icy Gem.

  • Materials – 1 Icy Gem.

  • 50x Gempieces – 1 Icy Gem.

  • 1x Icy Gem – 50 Gempieces.

  • Cryofrost Shard Molotov Cocktail – 15 Gempieces.

  • Sweet Reindeer Set – 40 Gempieces.

  • Sweet Reindeer Headgear – 20 Gempieces.

  • 6x Scope, 4x Scope, Extended Quickdraw Magazine, Suppressor skins – 20 Gempieces each.

Players will have to play the Icy Gem draw to get their rewards. After each draw the luck level will increase and once it reaches level 100, players will get an Icy Gem. The first draw will cost only 10 Unknown Cash (UC) after which it will cost 60 UC for a single draw and 540 UC for 10 draws.

This event is a great opportunity for players to get an exclusive one of a kind winter themed UMP45 skin which can be upgraded to get a kill effect animation and a loot box skin.