BGMI No Recoil Gyroscope Sensitivity Codes 2023

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players are required to know several aspects of the game to get the best result possible in each match. Weapon mastery, map knowledge, sensitivity and controls are a few of the aspects that determine a player’s prowess. One of the most important features of BGMI is the Gyroscope. In this article we will talk about the best Gyroscope sensitivity for controlling movements, controlling vertical and horizontal recoil and tracing enemies in vehicles.

What is Gyroscope in BGMI?

The Gyroscope in BGMI is used mostly by pro players or players who have a good amount of experience playing the game.There are two types of Gyroscope in BGMI, the Scope on Gyroscope only works when a player opens the Aim Down Sight (ADS) on his weapon and the Full Gyroscope helps a player to control the overall movement of the character including hip fire while shooting bullets. Players who are new to the Gyroscope feature are advised to enable the Gyroscope option and practice in the Arena mode before using it in Classic matches.

What is the best Gyroscope Sensitivity for BGMI

Gyroscope sensitivity is the most important factor while using the Gyroscope feature. Choose a sensitivity that allows you to comfortably track enemies and shift aim from one enemy to another. Players can check esports athletes’ Gyroscope sensitivity and adjust it to their preference and comfort. 

  • 7307-1085-6780-4282-435.

  • 7238-4245-4286-7096-036.

Players are recommended to use the above codes and practice in the Arena mode or the training ground. Lower or increase the sensitivity by 10 or 20% to get the best possible results. 

Mastering the Gyroscope is a difficult task and requires a lot of time, skill and practice. Players who aspire to become an esports athlete should turn on Full Gyroscope as it helps to increase the character mobility, reaction time and helps in tracing enemies who are running or are in vehicles.