BGMI Diwali Spin Event Rewards Detailed

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers its players various rewards through its Royale Pass and in-game events. The rewards in the Royale Pass and in-game events are based on a theme and players can get several gun skins, vehicle skins and character costumes from them. 

The new Diwali Spin event in BGMI is one of the best ways to get premium skins at lower prices. Players will have a chance to own a Kar98 skin, Diwali Gold Set, Cover, backpack and helmet skin. The event started on 23rd October and will end on 16th November.

BGMI Diwali Spin Event detailed

The newly introduced Diwali Spin event in BGMI has excited everyone. The event features permanent as well as time limited costume, cover, helmet and backpack skins. Players will be able to get these items with the help of Unknown Cash (UC) or they will have to redeem these rewards from the Diwali Spin store. 

On the Luck Spin wheel players will have the chance to obtain the Diwali Gold Set, Diwali Gold Cover, Diwali Gold Helmet and Diwali Gold Backpack skin along with Diya’s which can be used to redeem these rewards from the Diwali Spin store. The first spin of the day will cost 12 UC whereas drawing 10 at a time will cost 360 UC.

These are the number of Diya’s required to redeem each reward:

  • Diwali Gold Set – 150 Diya’s.

  • Diwali Gold Cover – 70 Diya’s.

  • Diwali Gold Helmet – 120 Diya’s.

  • Diwali Gold Backpack – 120 Diya’s.

  • Batik Kar98 – 100 Diya’s.

  • Noble Lineage Pan – 50 Diya’s.

  • Premium Crate Coupon – 4 Diya’s (999 coupons can be redeemed).

  • Classic Crate Coupon – 2 Diya’s (999 coupons can be redeemed).

Players will also receive a reward for the number of spins they do in the event. These are the rewards for the number of spins done in the event:

This is the cheapest way in which players can own a permanent outfit along with other items such as backpack, weapon and helmet skin. The players also have a chance to redeem over 999 premium crate coupons which can be used to get the newly released Violet of Vengeance Set from the Premium Crate.