BGMI Final Circle Guide: Tips and Tricks

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) provides its players with back to back action packed battles. The main goal of the players in BGMI is to survive the longest and secure the chicken dinner with a good amount of kills. To secure the chicken dinner players need to follow some basic tenets which shall allow them to survive for long, indirectly helping them get the best possible result for the chicken dinner.

How to survive in the Final Circle in BGMI

The final circle in BGMI is the most challenging phase as it has the most number of enemies and requires the utmost skill to survive. As the play zone shrinks, players in the last circle will have to make several crucial decisions which will decide whether they can survive and secure the chicken dinner. In this article we will provide some tips which can be followed to survive in the last zones.

  • Positioning: 

    Positioning is key in the final circles. If the safe zone has empty compounds players must try and acquire them as they provide cover and will allow you to survive for long. If players are unable to find compounds they can make use of ridges, rocks and even vehicles to take cover in the open.

  • Utilities:

    Players must have enough utilities in the final circles especially if they don’t have enough cover to protect them. Utilities such as smoke grenades and frag grenades are the most useful. Smoke grenades can be used to hide from enemies in the open and the Frag grenades can be used to eliminate enemies. 

  • Weapons:

    Players should have appropriate weapons to take fights in the final circle. Weapons such as Sniper Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) can be used but with them being single shot weapons players may put themselves at a disadvantage. It is recommended that players use Assault Rifles (ARs) or SubMachine Guns (SMGs) like AKM, M416, Scar-L and UMP45.

  • Communication:

    Communicate and coordinate with your teammates so that they can make the right decisions in the given situation. Keep communicating about enemy positions and also your position so it is easy for teammates to help you. Make sure players don’t play far away from each other as it becomes harder to revive teammates that are knocked far away.

  • Adapt and Improve:

    Players will need to adapt to situations and make quick decisions. Players should be on the lookout for third party fights where you can take easy finishes and eliminate squads without taking major damage or suffering player losses. You should be willing to play passive if you are inside the safe zone and also avoid unnecessary fights.

Following these tips will likely give you the best possible results and also help you secure the chicken dinner. Playing with the same squad will help you build synergy and your chances of securing the chicken dinner will also increase.