BGMI Fox Flare Event: How to Get Electro Gems, Rewards and More

BGMI Fox Flare Event: How to Get Electro Gems, Rewards and More


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers various kinds of rewards through its events and crates. Each event is based on a certain theme and the rewards are based on the same. Players need to spend Unknown Cash (UC) in order to get these rewards. In this article we will talk about the newly introduced Fox Flare event in BGMI, how to get Electro Gems to exchange for rewards, and more.

BGMI Fox Flare event detailed

The Fox Flare event in BGMI offers various kinds of rewards like the weapons and attachments skins, character costumes, and more. The rewards can be obtained by playing the Fox Flare draw. The Electro Gems obtained from the draw can be used to redeem character costumes and weapon skins from the store. The event has a new AKM skin named Decisive Day which can be upgraded with the help of Materials to get the kill feed animation and loot box skin. The first draw will cost only 10 Unknown Cash (UC) after which it will cost 60 UC for a single draw and 540 UC for 10 draws. The event went live on 13th January and will end on 13th February 2024.

  • Foxy Flare Set – 6 Electro Gems.

  • Foxy Flare Cover – 2 Electro Gems.

  • Decisive Day AKM skin – 3 Electro Gems.

  • Foxy Flare Hoverboard –  2 Electro Gems.

  • Foxy Flare Backpack – 2 Electro Gems.

  • Foxy Flare Emote – 1 Electro Gem.

  • Materials – 1 Electro Gem.

  • 50x Electro Gempieces – 1 Electro Gem.

  • 1x Electro Gem – 50 Gempieces.

  • Decisive Day Grenade skin – 15 Gempieces.

  • Enchantress Set – 40 Gempieces.

  • Enchantress Hat – 20 Gempieces.

  • Enchantress Plane skin – 25 Gempieces.

  • Enchantress Buggy skin – 20 Gempieces.

  • 6x Scope, 4x Scope, Extended Quickdraw Magazine, Suppressor skins – 30 Gempieces each.

  • Holographic Sight, Red Dot Sight – 20 Gempieces each.

  • 3x Scope, 2x Scope, Compensator, Extended Magazine – 12 Gempieces each.

  • Flash Hider, Quickdraw Magazine, Canted Sight – 5 Gempieces each.

  • Modification Material Piece – 5 Gempieces.

  • Modification Material Piece – 20 draws.

  • Foxy Flare Ornament – 40 draws.

  • Foxy Flare Avatar Frame – 80 draws.

  • Materials – 150 draws.

  • Electro Gem – 250 draws.

Players will have to play the Fox Flare draw to get their rewards. After each draw the luck level will increase and once it reaches level 100, players will get an Electro Gem. Players will have to keep an eye on the number of Electro Gems or Gempieces they draw as they can be used to redeem rewards from the store.


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