BGMI Tips for Increasing F/D Ratio

BGMI Tips for Increasing F/D Ratio


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is  one of the most competitive battle royale mobile games. There are several parameters to determine a player’s skill and ability. F/D ratio or “Finish per Death” ratio is one of the parameters which determines the skill of a player. A higher F/D ratio indicates that a player is securing multiple kills in a single match.

How to increase F/D ratio?  

F/D ratio, previously known as K/D ratio, was the most accurate way to determine a players skill as the number of kills was divided by the number of deaths to know the K/D ratio. However, in BGMI, Krafton changed the K/D ratio to F/D ratio which is determined by calculating the number of finishes divided by the number of games played. Achieving a higher K/D was easy as players would avoid deaths, whereas now the players have to secure multiple finishes every game to maintain their F/D ratio.

Choosing the map and the drop location is the most important aspect to increase a player’s F/D ratio. The map of Erangel is the most played map among all the players. This map allows players to show consistency in terms of kills and placement. However, if a player is not interested in playing slow and wants fast paced games then they should prefer to play smaller maps like Livik or Nusa. Smaller maps have less game time, less number of players and back to back action involved. It is also recommended to play the same map as it helps to know the landscape as well as the hotspots on the map. 

Having a good amount of loot such as weapons is also important. To increase the F/D ratio of a player, players should have appropriate weapons such as Assault Rifles (ARs) which can be used in close, medium and long range fights. Players can also use shotguns like the . There are pros and cons to using shotguns. One of the advantages of Shotguns is that it is a one shot weapon as players can knockdown and finish enemies at close ranges with a single shot. One of the disadvantages is they are only used in close range combat. 

Players will also need to have utilities or throwables such as Smoke Grenades to provide cover in open spaces, and Frag Grenades to knockdown enemies or secure finishes. Another throwable like the Molotov Cocktail can also be used to knockdown enemies and secure finishes. 

Playing with a squad is also a very important aspect as your teammates can help you provide cover when taking fights or reviving teammates when they are knocked down. Playing with the same squad is also useful as the team builds synergy and is able to make quick and swift decisions which helps to achieve more finishes and increase F/D ratio.  

If players prefer to play Erangel or Miramar, which are bigger maps in comparison to Livik or Nusa, players will need to have a vehicle to travel to different places and rotate into the zone.

Increasing and maintaining a higher F/D ratio might seem simple to some but it is also deemed as an extremely tough task as one needs utmost consistency in terms of finishes secured in every match. Players need to practice and play the same map every time to have all the information and knowledge regarding that particular map which shall eventually help to increase the F/D ratio.


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