BGMI Trick: How to Fix Crosshair Aim to Beat Jiggle Movement

In the competitive world of PUBG Mobile & BGMI, mastering precise aiming techniques can be the difference between victory and defeat in intense combat scenarios. In this article, we shed light on a critical issue affecting aiming accuracy in crosshair range that might be affecting the outcome of every 1v1 you win or loose. We also talk about training methods of mastering this game-changing strategy.

Understanding the Aim Issue in BGMI / PUBG Mobile

Due to PUBG Mobile’s unique movement mechanics, there’s phenomenon where the game character swiftly transitions from standing still to rapid running without any speed deceleration during directional changes. This results in a peculiar teleportation effect, causing the character to cover distances seemingly instantaneously. Similarly, opponents exhibit this teleportation when abruptly changing their movement direction.

The following video highlights the crucial aim-related problem that significantly impacts combat outcomes. Viewers are urged to keenly observe clips where an elusive aim flaw leads to losing crucial combat duels.

Video Example

Implementing the Aim Technique: How fix Crosshair Displacement against Jiggle Movement

To counter this phenomenon and maintain accurate aiming, the expert advises a strategic adjustment in tracking habits. Instead of smoothly sliding the screen at a constant speed, the viewers are encouraged to preemptively move their Crosshair slightly ahead when the enemy swiftly changes direction. This tactic helps in ensuring the Crosshair remains locked onto the target’s movements effectively.

Practical Training Method

Players can utilize the shooting range, focusing on targets altering their direction. The key emphasis is on aligning the Crosshair slightly ahead of the target’s movement changes, thereby training optimal muscle memory.

Consistent Practice for Improvement

This is not a simple BGMI Trick. Consistency is the key to mastery. Players are encouraged to integrate this training routine into their daily practice regimen before engaging in ranked games. The presenter assures significant improvement in aiming accuracy through regular, dedicated practice sessions.

Mastering aiming techniques in PUBG Mobile & BGMI demands meticulous attention to detail and strategic adjustments. The highlighted aiming technique, if practiced consistently, promises to elevate players’ precision, enhancing their combat performance significantly.