BGMI x Bentley Speed Drift Event: How to Get Cars, Mythic Outfits, and More

BGMI x Bentley Speed Drift Event: How to Get Cars, Mythic Outfits, and More

The is here and has brought the BGMI x Bentley collaboration with an event named Speed Drift. The event has several variants of Bentley cars with various other in-game rewards like Mythic outfits and gun skins. In this article we will take a look at the cars and other rewards the event has to offer.

BGMI x Bentley Speed Drift Event detailed

The BGMI x Bentley collaboration has excited the fans as yet another exclusive car skin is being introduced in the game. The event is live from 21st March to 21st May 2024. Players will have to use Unknown Cash (UC) to make draws to receive the Lucky Medals which can be used to redeem the Bentley car variants from the store. The event has 9 variants of Bentley cars and players will have to unlock the first 8 variants in order to unlock the 9th variant.

  • Bentley Bathur (Bonneville Pearlescent Silver) – 1x Lucky Medal.

  • Bentley Continental GTC Mulliner (Tanzanite Purple) – 1x Lucky Medal.

  • Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner (Damson over Silver Storm) – 1x Lucky Medal.

  • Bentley Bentayga Azure (Magnetic) – 1x Lucky Medal.

Players who want the above-mentioned Bentley cars and their variants can spend UC in the accelerated form. The UC which will be required in each acceleration draw will be: 60, 180, 500, 1000, 2500, 5800, and 7200.

Players need to be mindful of one important aspect while making acceleration draws – the speed boost is not guaranteed and can vary from player to player. Continuing to make acceleration draws will either increase or decrease a player’s speed boost. If the acceleration draw is successful the speed will increase but if the acceleration draw fails the speed will reset to zero and you will have to start from scratch.

  • Bentley Lucky Medal – 1500 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Groove Socialite Set – 600 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Prim Prestige Set – 600 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Tech Striker Set – 600 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Prim Precision Honey Badger skin – 250 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Power Pulse AMR skin – 250 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Innova Illusion S12K skin – 250 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Groove Socialite Cover – 100 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Prim Prestige Cover – 100 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Tech Striker Cover – 100 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Bentley Ornament – 30 Lucky Vouchers

  • Skull Can Smoke Grenade skin – 30 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Bentley Parachute – 30 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Classic Crate Coupon – 5 Lucky Vouchers.

  • Supply Crate Coupon – 3 Lucky Vouchers.

  • 1500x Lucky Voucher – 1 Bentley Lucky Medal.

The Bentley event in BGMI is exclusive and it can be expected to not return in the future, so it is a great opportunity for players to grab some exclusive car skins for themselves. Players will need to keep in mind that the event is exclusive and will require a lot of UC to redeem the Bentley cars so it is recommended to spend UC carefully.

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