Burmese Ghouls Acquires Dlar for Its MLBB Roster

The Myanmar powerhouse team, Burmese Ghouls, announced the acquisition of former EVOS Legends Filipino player, Gerald “Dlar” Trinchera for its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) roster. The pro player is known for his exceptional skills back when he was playing under ONIC Philippiens (PH). However, Dlar’s journey outside the region has been marked by highs and lows, earning him the admiration of fans.

This is the second Filipino import that Burmese Ghouls has signed to its Mobile Legends team. The first one is Steve “Dale” Vitug who now serves as the squad’s coach.

Iconic PH MLBB star player Dlar joins Burmese Ghouls 

Through a Facebook post on 28th January 2024, Burmese Ghouls unveiled a surprising new member for its MLBB team as it welcomed Dlar, a former EVOS Legends player.

“The New Player of our Burmese Ghouls team is The General aka Gerald ” Dlar ” Trinchera who showed his best skills on the international stage,” the post captioned.

The post further elaborated that fans should keep an eye out for how the team will perform with their new member in the upcoming Mobile Legends tournaments.

Dlar is considered as one of the most seasoned PH players in the MLBB esports scene. He was known for his achievements as the EXP Laner for ONIC PH back in 2019 up until 2022 when he eventually left the team and joined EVOS Legends in Indonesia. 

Dlar’s tenure as an EXP Laner for EVOS Legends during MPL ID Season 10 left an indelible mark on fans, with his stellar performance significantly bolstering his team’s performance. His mastery of the role garnered widespread acclaim, captivating the attention of enthusiasts eager to witness his continued excellence unfold.

However, the trajectory of Dlar’s career took an intriguing turn in MPL Season 11, as he transitioned from core player to the esteemed role of content creator for EVOS Legends. Despite assuming a new mantle as the team’s “Legends Creator,” Dlar’s versatility shone brightly as he seamlessly balanced his creative endeavors with tournament appearances, including a memorable stint at MSC 2023 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Shortly after the MSC 2023 run, Dlar entered a new chapter in his career as a free agent as EVOS Legends released him from the MLBB roster. It was not until 2024 that Burmese Ghouls announced that it had acquired Dlar for its own Mobile Legends team.