Clash of Clans Guide: Best Equipment and Combos for the Barbarian King

Supercell recently introduced their Town Hall 16 Update which brought a variety of new items and mechanics into the popular strategy game. This includes a new troop, new defense levels, along with brand-new equipment for various Heroes present in your village. Apart from the Root Raider troop, the Hero equipment is the most sought-after new feature that several players are eager to get their hands on. Considering this is a new mechanic, you might need help to familiarize yourself with each of the available equipment. Worry not, as this guide will help you find the best of these tools and combinations to properly utilize your mighty Barbarian king while attacking.

What Are the Equipments Available for the Barbarian King?

Currently, the Barbarian King has the highest amount of Equipment in the game, as players are allowed to choose from 5 unique powers and even use some of them in combination to execute devastating attacks on enemy bases. These powers are:

Barbarian Puppet

What used to be the king’s default ability has gotten its own name but it remains the same in terms of its functionality, summoning a group of raged Barbarians which are incredibly efficient at distracting enemy defenses. Its main disadvantage is splash damage, which is abundant as you climb to bigger Town Hall levels. That being said, it still works decently when paired with strong tank troops like Pekkas and Golems.

Earthquake Boots

As the name suggests this is essentially an active ability that causes an earthquake that breaks walls and damages buildings. It works similarly to the earthquake spell and it is potent when paired with the king’s skill as a tank. When used in combination with Pekkas or Golems, this can help you create a good pathway for your troops to enter and decimate the enemy base.

Rage Vial

Continuing the tradition of bringing spell-based powers, we have the Rage Vial which encapsulates the ability of a Rage spell and comes out as a useful tool in almost every combat scenario. It is incredibly effective when combined with the newly released Giant Gauntlet, which is next in our list.

Giant Gauntlet

This new ability went live during the COC Cookie Rumble Event and it is an active power that enrages the king and transforms him into a Giant, allowing him to cause area-of-effect damage while also receiving less damage on himself. 

This item is certainly one of the best from the bunch and upon reaching higher levels, you can even combine two of these abilities and use your Barbarian King to the fullest. You can pair the Gauntlet with the Rage Vial and create an attack monster or you can take a rather slow approach by pairing it with the Vampstache, which is the last equipment on our list.


The Vampstache essentially grants a type of Healer-Queen ability to the King by healing him every time he attacks a target and it is currently the only equipment that works passively. It is at its prime when paired with the Giant Gauntlet, making the Barb King a force to be reckoned with!