Free Fire: Latest Hidden Changes You Don’t Know About

Free Fire recently released its OB42 update, which introduced some major yet hidden changes. These changes can have a big impact on gameplay, so it’s important to be aware of them. This article will highlight 8 key hidden changes in Free Fire after the OB42 update that may give you edge the next time you jump into the battle royale.

8 Hidden Changes in Free Fire from OB42

Falcon’s New Ability: One major change is to the Falcon pet’s ability. Earlier, Falcon used to increase gliding and diving speed. But now, its ability has been changed – Falcon will disable enemy auto-aim when the owner is parachuting. This means enemies won’t be able to easily one-tap or drag shoot you out of the sky if you have Falcon equipped.

Secret Room Access: The OB42 update allows players to access the secret room on Peak through the new teleportation devices available in the vending machine. To access it, get a teleport device, go to the location, set it up, and teleport onto the secret room. This room provides a hiding spot to camp or surprise enemies from.

New Fist Fight Area: A designated fist fight area has been added on top of the Peak house. Earlier, many players used to land on Peak’s rooftop for melee fights – but now there is an official area for it on top of the peak that’s easy to access.

Cancel Button for Skills: Some characters’ skills like A124 and Skyler now have a cancel button. This allows you to cancel out of skills mid-use if enemies move from your aim or targeting area. So you won’t end up wasting the skill.

No FF Coins in Arsenals: Sadly, FF coins have been removed from arsenals. However, the update has added FF coin machines across the map that you and your squad can use to obtain 200 coins easily. These machines are marked on the minimap as well.

Joseph’s Buffed Abilities: After OB42, Joseph has received a major buff. He is now immune to marking skills, movement speed reduction, and A124’s skill. Additionally, Joseph provides a 10% movement speed boost to players for 5 seconds. This makes his ability set much stronger.

Using Skills While Jumping: Earlier, players were unable to activate character skills mid-air while jumping. But now, skills can be used seamlessly even when jumping to enable quicker responses and plays.

Thiva’s Crouch Skill Use: Previously, Thiva’s skill couldn’t be used from a crouching position. But it has been updated to allow activation from crouch by moving the joystick and then pressing the skill button. This automatically stands the character up before dashing.

That covers the 8 major hidden changes in the OB42 Free Fire update that can impact your gameplay. Keep them in mind and use these changes to get an advantage over your opponents!