Coach Ducky Shares Thoughts on AP.Bren Securing Second M-World Appearance

AP.Bren (formerly known as Bren Esports) dominated Blacklist International to the clinch Grand Finals slot in the . The team is also the first Philippines team to secure an M5 World Championship slot. This shall be AP.Bren’s second entry on the international stage following its championship run back in the M2 World Championship.  Through a post-match press conference, the team’s iconic head coach Francis “Ducky” Glindro shared how he is determined to deliver the best performance from his team and hopefully claim another title in the M5 World Championship. 

Coach Ducky shares how M5 will be a tough challenge for the team

In an astonishing twist of fate, AP.Bren abruptly halted Blacklist International’s seemingly unstoppable run through the upper bracket in the MPL PH Season 12 Playoffs. In an intense Best of Three (Bo3) series, AP.Bren secured a resounding 3-0 victory over Blacklist International, clinching the first slot in the Grand Finals and dropping the Codebreakers down to the lower bracket.

Winning the upper bracket contention also meant that AP.Bren also earned the first PH team slot in the M5 World Championship. 

During a post-match press conference, coach Ducky expressed his sentiments on the team’s second chance to enter the international stage and contend for a second world championship title. He acknowledged the formidable challenges ahead but affirmed the team’s unwavering commitment, whether they triumph or fall short in their pursuit of the championship.

“The World Championship is no joke, the feeling is going to be overwhelming, but we’ll do our best to clinch it,” the coach said. “If we can’t, hopefully, we give out one of the best games ever in M5”

While fans celebrate AP.Bren’s well-earned M5 World Championship slot, the competition is far from over in the MPL PH Season 12 Playoffs stage. Other teams from the lower bracket, including Blacklist International will still compete for the final slot in the Grand Finals and challenge the Killer Bees for this season’s championship title.