Coach Yeb Shares His Thoughts on the “Kairi Esports” Issue

Coach Yeb asks the Mobile Legends community to stop overhyping Filipino imports

The term “Kairi Esports” is frequently used by fans to refer to the current ONIC Esports roster. Some fans believe that the team’s impressive performance in the MLBB esports scene is largely attributed to the Filipino imports, particularly Kairi, the current main Jungler. This has sparked criticism from some fans who feel that ONIC Esports relies too heavily on imports rather than maintaining an all-Indonesian team.

Recently, during a podcast by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) shoutcaster Caisam Yvez “Wolf” Nopueto, Coach Yeb shared his thoughts on the “Kairi Esports” issue and its impact on his team.

“I’ve been bashed so many times, a lot of things have been said about us.” Coach Yeb revealed. “Some have gone to the extent of threatening that we shouldn’t return to the Philippines.”

Despite the backlash, Coach Yeb remains unfazed by the criticism. However, due to recent events, he explained his reasons for speaking out on the issue.

“Now, why am I telling you this? Because they (toxic fans) are now attacking Kairi, they are bashing Kairi,” Coach Yeb expressed. “You know me, I won’t let that happen to my players.”

“Guys, there is no nationality here; it’s my player, whether they are Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean. If they’re on my team, I will defend them,” he added.

Coach Yeb addressed a recent video posted on social media, expressing his confusion as to why some fans from the Philippines were upset by his statements. These statements were originally directed at Indonesians but were translated into English by clippers.

“I don’t know why Filipinos are upset with me. I spoke in Bahasa Indo, and guess who I was talking to? Indonesians. But the ones who got angry at me are Filipinos because someone translated it into English,” he explained.

He added that this issue is not unique to ONIC Esports alone as it is applies to Geek Fam ID. According to him, there are a lot of good players in other teams that are discredited just because fans only think of the imports.

“I feel bad for Luke when he showed a good performance, I feel bad for Aboy, Nnael, their talents and efforts were not appreciated. I wasn’t only talking about ONIC and I’m sure Baloy[skie] feels the same,” he said.

Coach Yeb stressed that he doesn’t care about who initiated the issue. His primary concern is that Mobile Legends fans, talents, and influencers should avoid overhyping Filipino imports, especially Kairi, to prevent the situation from worsening.

“I’m sure you are all proud of Kairi, but remember that other players’ contributions are equally important,” he concluded. Coach Yeb emphasized his role in defending his players, believing that every member of a team, not just in ONIC Esports but also in other teams with Filipino imports, plays a vital role in building team chemistry.