COD: Mobile 4th Anniversary Legendary Skins Lineup with Gameplay Revealed

COD: Mobile 4th Anniversary Legendary Skins Lineup with Gameplay Revealed


As Call of Duty: Mobile marches into its fourth year, Season 10 unfolds with a theme of “Global Action,” bringing with it a trove of updates that blend nostalgia with novelty. Let’s take a look at the legendary skins and their gameplay that are set to keep players in awe this season.

Legendary Arsenal at Discounted Rates

A key feature of this season is the return of fan-favorite weaponry with a twist. Noteworthy are the Mythic Switchblade X9’s comeback and the introduction of legendary weapons at reduced prices. The KN44 and Bruen MK9 stand out among these, offering players a chance to enhance their armory economically.

KN44 on November 10th, MK9 on November 18th, Switchblade X9 on November 24th, and a double draw featuring the legendary Outlaw and FFAR1 on December 1st.

Check out the Video below for exclusive gameplay footage

Egyptian-Themed Lucky Draws

This season is also notable for its Egyptian-themed Lucky Draws, providing a stylistic homage to ancient aesthetics. The Lucky Draws are scheduled throughout November to early December, each featuring distinctive weapons and blueprints.

The “Kurohana Crate” contents have been teased for Season 10, generating buzz within the gaming community. This crate is expected to include a variety of new items and skins, keeping the game fresh and engaging for both new and veteran players.

What’s More in Season 10 of COD: Mobile?

The week leading up to the anniversary sees various events, including BR Prop Hunt, Ground War, and BR Alcatraz tournaments. The anniversary itself will introduce a slew of new events and content, such as:

  • Ranked matches and various themed events from November 9th to December 6th.

  • The return of The Club with new mini-games and interactive features.

  • The introduction of the Bruen MK9 LMG, available in the Battle Pass.

  • The Gunship scorestreak, a powerful aircraft with an array of weapons.

  • The Nailgun, a new secondary weapon with high close-range damage.


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