COD: Mobile Leak Reveal Mythic Siren’s Final Form & More Items

COD: Mobile Leak Reveal Mythic Siren's Final Form & More Items


Recent discussions have arisen concerning the elusive design of the Mythic Siren character, as data miners encountered difficulties extracting its files from the game archives. In terms of reception, the skin has elicited mixed reactions, primarily attributed to the vibrant animations enveloping the character. Activision’s recent inclination towards bright-themed skins has drawn criticism from longstanding fans of the franchise, who find this departure from the traditional aesthetic less appealing.

Beyond its visual aspects, the release of the skin itself has generated significant anticipation, marked by multiple delays. If the leaks hold true, the Siren mythic character skin is slated for release on January 6th. But in recent development, data miners have successfully extracted a trailer that provides a more in-depth glimpse into the character.

More on Mythic Siren Draw

The venture of upgrading Mythic characters is one of the most expensive ones in the game. As we can see from the trailer, players will be able to wield special animated bright cape by upgrading the character to the advanced version. There will also be a special kill effect if you take out enemies using Execution feature. Check out the trailer below to find out.

Items in the Mythic Siren Draw

Similar to the all the mythic character draws added before, the draw will be accompanied by a legendary weapon skin, the legendary BK57 – Spectral Song. There will also be a new melee skin called Siren’s Razor which will have special inspection animation. Check out all the items in the draw below

What’s more in Season 11?

Season 11 — Siren Song introduces an array of festive delights and thrilling gameplay features. Players can expect a holiday-themed Miami Blitz map, the Misdirection Battle Royale class, a new Battle Pass, and a collection of Operator Skins and Weapon Blueprints. The Battle Pass, a mix of free and premium tiers, tantalizes with offerings like the Groza Assault Rifle, Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and more. There’s also the mythic Grau skin along with exciting festive offering that will make the final season of the year worthwhile for all the COD: Mobile enthusiasts.


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