COD: Mobile Season 1 All Legendary Draws Revealed; Check the Skins & Gameplay

COD: Mobile Season 1 All Legendary Draws Revealed; Check the Skins & Gameplay

COD: Mobile Season 1 – Soldier’s Tale is now underway, and data miners have swiftly unveiled the entire legendary draws calendar for this exciting season. The skins introduced for this season exude a dark theme, deviating from the vibrant designs seen in recent anniversary and holiday seasons. Notably, these skins will adorn long-forgotten and seldom-used ARs and SMGs, with the legendary LW3 – Tundra sniper being the sole exception. Join us as we delve into a comprehensive exploration of these skins and their impact on gameplay. Let’s take a detailed look at the skins and their gameplay.

COD: Mobile Season 1 Lucky Draws

Legendary AS VAL – Night’s Howl

The AS VAL “Nightfang” legendary saturates the gun in deep blacks and intense blue hues, with the glowing eyes and fur of a wolf integrated across the entire design.

Legendary M4LMG – Micro Nuked

The most eye-catching skin is the M4LMG “Micron Nuked” which takes on a futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic. A cyborg wearing a toxic mask appears in the iron sights, spewing poisonous gas when you get kills.

Crimson Cloak Draw – Legendary LW-3 Tundra

The LW3 Tundra “Crimson Jaws” combines beast and holiday themes with a werewolf face that appears when you get a kill. Snowflakes also swirl around the skin constantly when equipped.

PDW – Glass Slippers Draw

The PDW57 “Glass Slicer” boasts sleek, minimalist visuals but lacks impressively new iron sights or gun geometry.

Legendary CR-56 AMAX – Distemper

The CR56 AMAX “Distemper” sports slick black and green colors with aggressive styling and a simple green mist kill effect.

Overall, Call of Duty: Mobile players have a diverse set of legendary skins with creative styles to choose from when Season 1 drops. The M4LMG Micron Nuked stands out as a fan favorite for its bold futuristic style and kill animations. Players eagerly await trying out these stylish new gun skins firsthand later next week. Players who don’t wish to spend a boatload of CP on premium skins can either go for the season 1 battle pass or stay tuned for the free skins that are scheduled to drop very soon.

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