Free Fire Dino Ring Event: Steps to Get the Almost Dino Bundle & More

Free Fire Dino Ring Event: Steps to Get the Almost Dino Bundle & More

Garena Free Fire MAX has unleashed a prehistoric new event offering players a chance to win the widely desired Almost Dino costume bundle. This funky and simple outfit features a cool shoulder animation that makes it stand out from the battle royale game’s vast collection of premium bundles.

All about Free Fire Dino Ring Event

To participate in the limited-time Dino Ring event, players need to spend diamonds to spin a prize wheel filled with dinosaur-themed rewards. It costs 25 diamonds per spin and 125 diamonds for 5 spins. However, scoring the grand prize Almost Dino bundle is not guaranteed, so gamers need to be strategic with their diamonds.

Rewards in the Dino Ring Event

The Dino Ring event features various other coveted rewards up for grabs, including:

  • Pan Lazy Dino Backpack: A laidback neon green backpack designed with a sleepy cartoon dinosaur.

  • Trogon-Pyro Dino Bundle: A fierce outfit and helmet set accented with flames and a roaring T-rex motif.

  • Mochi Food Truck Skin: A cute pastel skin for the in-game Food Truck featuring the mochi mascot.

  • Lucky Mayhem Loot Box: A mystery box containing random gun skins and cosmetic items.

  • Grenade Mayhem Cafe Skin: An eye-catching purple Cafe skin with explosive graphics.

  • Universal Ring Tokens: Tokens that can be exchanged in the event interface for select items from the prize pool.

How to Get the Almost Dino bundle

Along with exciting rewards, the event also offers an engaging ring toss game with dinosaurs haplessly caught on the rings. Players can adjust their aim and power to try landing rings and racking up high scores for additional tokens.

Here are the steps to try securing the exclusive Almost Dino bundle:

  1. Open Free Fire MAX and tap the Dino Ring event icon in the top left corner.

  2. Select the Dino Ring event from the events list to enter the dino-themed interface.

  3. Choose spin options to pay diamonds and spin the wheel for random prizes.

  4. Collect Universal Ring Tokens from spins and ring toss challenges. Exchange tokens to claim desired items from the prize pool.

  5. Keep spinning strategically until you finally score the grand prize Almost Dino costume bundle!

The prehistoric Dino Ring event ends January 20th, so players have a two week window on the Indian server to collect all the tokens and rewards possible, including the elusive Almost Dino outfit bundle with the cool shoulder animation.

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