COD: Mobile Season 10 Battle Pass & Lucky Draw Characters Leaked

COD: Mobile Season 10 Battle Pass & Lucky Draw Characters Leaked

The excitement for COD: Mobile’s Season 10, tentatively titled “Global Action” (translated from Chinese; the English name may vary), is mounting with the recent unveiling of its poster. This sneak peek teases new characters and themes, sparking curiosity and anticipation among the gaming community.

COD: Mobile Season 10 Battle Pass & Lucky Draw Characters

The cover for the next season has already been leaked where upcoming battle pass and lucky draw characters are featured. Players can check out all 4 upcoming characters and some of the weapon blueprints scheduled to arrive in season 10.

Legendary and Mythic Weapons on the Horizon: COD: Mobile Season 10 Leaks

The fourth anniversary of COD: Mobile promises exciting updates with a selection of legendary and mythic weapons. The return of the Mythic Switchblade X9 is confirmed. Additionally, players can look forward to discounted legendary weapons such as the KN44 at 50% off and the Bruen MK9 at 20% off. These discounts offer an excellent opportunity for players to upgrade their arsenal.

Egyptian Theme and Lucky Draw Release Dates

The upcoming season seems to embrace an Egyptian motif, hinted at by the names and designs of the legendary Outlaw and FFAR1 weapons. Fans are curious about the FFAR1’s resemblance to the FAR 556. Mark your calendars for the lucky draw release dates: KN44 on November 10th, MK9 on November 18th, Switchblade X9 on November 24th, and a double draw featuring the legendary Outlaw and FFAR1 on December 1st.

Anticipated Fourth Anniversary Surprises

The fourth anniversary isn’t just about weapons; players can expect a free epic RPD blueprint and hints at a new Nuketown map. Moreover, the Chinese version of COD: Mobile will include exclusive GAI rewards and artist-themed skins, such as the ICR-1 and CR-56.

World Championship Finals Crate and Master Crafts

The World Championship Finals Crate will introduce an epic MX9 and ICR-1 blueprint, inspired by master crafts from Black Ops 4. These unique blueprints, complete with custom iron sights, add more than just an aesthetic value to the weapons.

As we anticipate more leaks and updates about Season 10 of COD: Mobile, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement. These sneak peeks hint at a season filled with new maps, themes, characters, and more, promising to enrich the gaming experience for all. Stay tuned for more updates as we delve deeper into the future of COD: Mobile.

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