COD: Mobile Season 11 to Introduce New Tactical Item & BR Class

Season 11 – Siren Song of Call of Duty: Mobile brings an interesting shift in gameplay dynamics, introducing tactical enhancements, Battle Royale updates, and an intriguing lineup of functional weapons. Amidst the anticipation for the festive Christmas content, this article delves into the forthcoming enhancements in both the multiplayer and Battle Royale modes of COD: Mobile, examining their impact on the gameplay experience.

Tactical Additions: Trip Sensor

A significant addition in the upcoming season is the Trip Sensor, a tactical equipment that promises strategic advantages. Its ability to attach to surfaces and detonate upon enemy proximity not only slows down foes but also reveals their positions on the minimap, adding depth to tactical engagements.

Misdirection Class in BR

The introduction of the Misdirection class in Battle Royale introduces a unique gameplay mechanic. Emitting sound waves to mislead enemies and hiding the user’s sounds, this class offers a stealthy advantage while increasing movement speed, redefining strategic approaches in gameplay.

New AR and Melee in CODM Season 11

Moreover, the introduction of two functional weapons, the legendary Groza and the ballistic knife, offers players innovative combat strategies and fresh gameplay dynamics. The Groza’s unparalleled bullet velocity and faster ADS time come coupled with the challenge of managing its formidable recoil, while the ballistic knife introduces a unique ranged melee attack, adding versatility to combat scenarios that has never been seen before in close combat.

Weapon Rotation in BR

Season 11 heralds a diversified weapon rotation, spanning assault rifles, sniper rifles, light machine guns, SMGs, shotguns, and a solitary marksman rifle. Noteworthy changes, such as the AK-47’s adjusted headshot multiplier, hint at potential shifts in combat strategies.

Season 11 is to bring interesting tactical enhancements and innovative gameplay elements. From tactical gadgets to revolutionary weaponry, the season sets the stage for an immersive and strategic gameplay experience for an engaging year ender from developers.