GunBlood Cheat Codes 2022 How to find GunBlood Cheat codes?

GunBlood Cheat Codes: Gunblood is one of the most popular games. Like every game, Gunblood too has some of the Premium features can only be unlocked with money, or you have to work hard to get those features. Both the options are quite difficult for players. therefore hackers and developers created a method through which you don’t need to follow any of the methods. They created a method in which you have to follow certain steps, enter the code, and, done, you will get those features.

GunBlood Cheat Codes
GunBlood Cheat Codes

Don’t worry, we will discuss what are the features and what are cheat codes. Stay tuned with us, We will give you the required information regarding the cheat codes.

GunBlood Cheat Codes

GunBlood Cheat Codes will let you get a lot of premium features. We will share all the codes with you. Below are some of the most basic codes along with what these codes are used for. Go through the below list :

  • NOHIT: This cheat code will make you invincible so that the attacks and the bullets of enemies will not hurt you.
  • MOREAMMO: MOREAMMO helps you to get unlimited ammo.
  • POINTER: POINTER code helps players to get the special feature in your gun. Code will provide you with the laser pointer, which will help you to shoot better.
  • FASTFIRE: FAST FIRE helps you to shoot faster compared to a normal gun.
  • BONUS1: BONUS1 will help you get the bonus in 1st level.
  • BONUS2: BONUS2 helps you get the bonus in 2nd level
  • BONUS3: BONUS3 will get a third-level bonus.
  • BONUS4: BONUS4 will help you get the fourth-level bonus.
  • Level 1: This will help you clear the first level
  • Level 2: This will help you clear 2nd level
  • Level 3: This will help you clear 3rd level.
  • Level 4: This will help you clear 4th level.
  • Level 5: This will help you clear 5th level

What are the cheat codes for the Summarise?

Gunblood Cheat Codes are a vast variety and one of the popular categories is “cheat code for summarise “. Below is the full list of cheat codes that will help you enable the summarise :

  • BOSSONE: Using this cheat code, you can play as a first boss. This implies that you can play as Mongro .
  • BOSSTWO: Using this cheat code, you can play as Chariston.
  • GRENADES: Using this code, you will get two grenades absolutely for free.
  • 2SWORDS: This code will enable you to get two swords at the beginning of the game.
  • NOSWORDS: Using this code, the swords option will be disabled for you.
  • SHOTGUN: Using the code will give you a shotgun at the beginning of the game.
  • KUNGFU: Through the code, you can unlock the KungFu fighting style.
  • HIGH JUMP: Through this code, you can activate the high jump options.
  • BIGHEADS: This will activate the big head option in the game.
  • SHADOWS: Through this option, you can enable the reflections.

How to enable the cheat code?

Once you find the proper code, now next step is how to use the code. To enable code, you need to follow some of the steps which we are going to mention below. Cheat Codes are enabled through a simple process. You just need to follow the below steps :

  • Step 1: First of all, Open your Gunblood game. Start and go to the home page of the game.
  • Step 2: Now, go to character selection options. Just follow the basic steps to go through the character selection options
  • Step 3: After that, you will see the option of “ cheats”. Find the option and click on that option.
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GunBlood Cheat Codes
  • Step 4: The option will give you the box with blank space. In the box enter the cheat code.

After successfully entering the code and done! That’s the simple process to use code. You will see that item in your game. Don’t forget to check whether the code you entered is correct or not because there are tons of online fake codes. Be sure from your side!

How to find GunBlood Cheat codes?

GunBlood is an immensely popular game. The popularity of games is wide and this gives us a wide range of cheat codes. Like the above one is for dead summarise, similarly, there are codes with categories like classic, weapons, shotgun, aimbots, etc.

Cheat codes for these categories are available on the internet for absolutely free. But the question is how to find these codes?

Don’t worry, you can follow the simple guide to find codes easily.

Firstly, open any web browser and then go to the search bar. In the search bar, type the ‘ X cheat code “and press enter.

Google will show you all the results. You can visit any of the websites which provide you with the list of codes. For better results, you can try multiple websites and their codes. Find the code and receive the surprise in your GunBlood Game.


Cheat Codes are easy to find and you can use any of the cheat codes just by searching the term in a search engine. YUP ! using cheat code is easy and efficient for anyone. Before you use the codes, it’s important to know to know that these codes are unfair advantages for the players. Using a cheat code is unethical. Beware of that and be ready to bear the consequences of using these codes.