Former TNC Pro Player Bao Issues Apology Following Money Scam Allegations

In the wake of recent allegations of scamming from fans, Mark “Bao” Cabigting, the former player for TNC Pro Team, released a heartfelt apology to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) community. Bao aimed to set the record straight and addressed not only the accusations of financial misconduct but also responded to speculations suggesting he sought sympathy from Blacklist International and its extensive fanbase in hopes of joining the team. Bao also claimed that some people were spreading “fake news”, asserting that unfounded rumors and fake allegations exacerbated an already challenging situation.

Bao issues apology to the Mobile Legends community

Following the backlash in the past few days, Bao posted an apology to his official Facebook page. 

“First and foremost, I would like to ask for forgiveness from everyone who supported and accepted me during the short time I played in the pro scene. I apologize for hurting and disappointing you.” he wrote. 

“I know that I made a big mistake, and I deeply hurt you. I acknowledge that it was completely wrong, and I accept it. I’m also sorry that it took me this long to gather the courage to face you.“

Bao also addressed rumors suggesting that he had been attempting to curry favor with Blacklist International and its fanbase in the hopes of securing a spot on the team. 

“I am asking for forgiveness from BLACKLIST for the things I said and the arrogance I showed behind their backs. To the AGENTS, I’m sorry for what I did. I was totally wrong there, and I don’t know why I did that because all of you accepted me. I am deeply sorry for everything I said.“ Bao reflected.

He also apologized to TNC Pro Team and its fans who trusted him. 

“To all the PHOENIX ARMY who have supported me, I sincerely apologize to you. I hurt you, and I was terribly wrong. I wasted the trust you gave me. To the TNC management, I am grateful for accepting and believing in me. I want to ask for your forgiveness because I let you down. I will be forever thankful for your support and guidance; you have become like parents to me,“ Bao shared.

The controversy led to , as posted in its official Facebook page on 21st November 2023.

Bao address the allegations and death threats he received

Bao mentioned the allegations of him scamming fans to gain around 300k PHP. He claims he has received death threats due to these allegations.

“To those spreading fake news and embellishing the story, here is the truth, and I hope this won’t be used to create new narratives. To those sending death threats, claiming that I scammed 300k and asking for an IP 15, all of that is untrue; I did not collect such a large amount. However, I cannot do anything if the spread of misinformation continues because I made a mistake,” he claimed.

According to a , TNC Pro Team shared that Bao did not scam 300k PHP from fans. However, the organization claims he has been soliciting money from fans by pretending he did not have any money.

Bao ended his statement by sharing how this incident will serve as a lesson for him as he continues to redeem himself while chasing his dream of becoming a Mobile Legends pro player.

“This will be a lifelong lesson for me. Everything that happened was my fault, and I accept it. I took advantage of everything. I apologize to those who trusted me and whom I let down. I will become better for you, and I will continue to pursue my dreams in Mobile Legends. I promise you that I will rise again, this time on the right path,” he stated.