Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up Event: Earn 2x Diamonds Before Offer Ends

Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up Event: Earn 2x Diamonds Before Offer Ends


Celebrating Diwali, the beloved Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up event has made its return to the battle royale title, offering a lucrative bonus of up to 2,000 Diamonds upon meeting specific purchase criteria. This event substantially reduces the cost of in-game currency, effectively halving the usual expenses.

The event made its debut on November 11, 2023, and will remain accessible until November 17, 2023, granting players a week-long window to capitalize on this offer and bolster their in-game currency reserves. Here’s an insightful breakdown of the latest addition.

Understanding the Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up Event

Similar to other in-game top-up events, the Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up event incentivizes in-app purchases. However, a notable distinction lies in the allocation of Diamonds instead of the conventional cosmetics or items.

Requirements and Bonuses of the 100% Bonus Top-Up Event

This event sets forth specific purchase requirements and corresponding bonuses:

  • Purchase 100 Diamonds: Receive an additional 100 Diamonds for free

  • Purchase 300 Diamonds: Obtain an extra 200 Diamonds at no cost

  • Purchase 500 Diamonds: Gain an additional 200 Diamonds for free

  • Purchase 1,000 Diamonds: Secure an extra 500 Diamonds without additional charges

  • Purchase 2,000 Diamonds: Acquire a bonus of 1,000 Diamonds for free

To meet these requirements, various Diamond packs are available for purchase at different price points:

  • 100 Diamonds for INR 80

  • 310 Diamonds for INR 240

  • 520 Diamonds for INR 400

  • 1,060 Diamonds for INR 800

  • 2,180 Diamonds for INR 1,600

  • 5,600 Diamonds for INR 4,000

Maximizing the event’s rewards involves purchasing the 2,180 Diamonds pack for INR 1,600, ensuring eligibility for all event rewards and accumulating a total of 4,180 Diamonds, including the bonus, yielding the maximum value.

While smaller Diamond quantities can be purchased during the event, the corresponding bonus will be proportionally smaller as well.

Steps to Engage in the Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up Event for Double Diamonds

Follow these steps to participate in the event and receive double the Diamonds:

  1. Access In-Game Top-Up Center: Log in to your account and navigate to the in-game top-up center.

  2. Purchase Required Diamonds: Procure the necessary quantity of Diamonds to fulfill the stipulated threshold. Upon completion of the transaction, you become eligible for double Diamonds.

  3. Access the Event Section: Navigate to the event section and select the 100% Bonus Top-Up option from the menu.

  4. Claim Your Bonus: Click the claim button located on the right side to receive your bonus.

Seize the opportunity presented by the Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-Up event, especially if planning Diamond purchases in the forthcoming weeks. Availing of this offer now ensures a 2x bonus in Diamonds compared to standard purchases.


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