How to Obtain the Free Shadow Reaper Blade for Free in Free Fire MAX?

How to Obtain the Free Shadow Reaper Blade for Free in Free Fire MAX?


The ongoing Diwali 2023 event within Free Fire MAX is creating waves with its abundance of collectibles. Each event segment holds an exclusive reward, with the latest addition being the Booyah for Scythe, offering players a chance to secure the Shadow Reaper Blade for free.

Duration of the Booyah for Scythe Event

Initiated on November 1, 2023, the Booyah for Scythe event is set to run until November 16, 2023. A crucial part of the larger Diwali 2023 campaign, this event requires players to achieve Booyah and, in turn, earn free rewards. The pinnacle of these rewards is the Shadow Reaper Blade, a new scythe skin exuding an aesthetic fusion of gold embellishments on a crimson base.

Prize Pool Structure for the Diwali 2023 Event

Players can achieve various rewards based on the number of Booyah victories attained across Battle Royale (BR), Clash Squad (CS), or Lone Wolf (LW) modes:

  • Achieve Booyah 5 times: Earn a gold royale voucher

  • Achieve Booyah 12 times: Obtain a diamond royale voucher

  • Achieve Booyah 25 times: Secure the coveted Shadow Reaper Blade

Accessing the “Booyah for Scythe” Event in Free Fire MAX’s Diwali 2023

Here’s a step-by-step guide to participating in the Booyah for Scythe event:

  1. Log In and Navigate: Open Free Fire MAX on your mobile device and log in to the game.

  2. Access Event Tab: Tap on the event tab located on the right-hand side of the screen.

  3. Find Diwali 2023 Section: Within the event tab, locate and open the Diwali 2023 section.

  4. Locate Booyah for Scythe Event: Scroll through the events until you find the Booyah for Scythe event.

  5. Select Game Mode: Choose between BR, CS, or LW mode to maximize your Booyah achievements. Additionally, joining a guild can aid others in their quest for rewards while you work on completing your missions.

  6. Collect Your Rewards: Upon securing 15 Booyah victories, navigate back to the event section and claim your rewards, which will directly be added to your vault.


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