Free Fire Booyah Pass for December (Season 12) Leaked: Check Rewards, Cost & More

Free Fire Booyah Pass for December (Season 12) Leaked: Check Rewards, Cost & More


Fresh off the presses, the Free Fire OB42 update has ushered in a flurry of leaks forecasting what’s to come in the December Booyah Pass, the twelfth season in its lineage. Insight from informants like Mr. Mannu Gaming hint at an interstellar-themed pass packed with new costumes and weapon skins.

Free Fire Booyah Pass for December (Season 12) Rewards List

Free Fire

Set to go live from 1st December to 31st December 2023, the Booyah Pass for Season 12 promises a universe of rewards. Players can elevate their gaming experience by upgrading to the premium track, where an array of cosmic-themed prizes await at various levels:

  • Level 1: UMP Interstellar Impulse (30 days)

  • Level 10: Interstellar-themed parachute and watcher rewards

  • Level 20: Galactic Odyssey Banner

  • Level 30: Loot Box with interstellar remnants

  • Level 40: Motorbike adorned with interstellar designs

  • Level 50: Interstellar Hoodie and Messenger Bundle

  • Levels 60-100: Introduce avatars, tokens, and the AWM Interstellar Igniter

  • Levels 130-150: Showcase the Interstellar Icicle Dagger, the traveller backpack, and a special Gloo Wall, with tokens sprinkled throughout.

Free Fire Booyah Pass for December (Season 12) Rewards List

Pricing of the Cosmic Pass

The pricing for these celestial delights is projected to remain consistent with past offerings. The premium version is expected to be valued at 499 Diamonds, while the Premium Plus variant—which also grants an advance of 50 levels—could fetch a price of 999 Diamonds on the Indian server, subject to slight regional variations.

Important Considerations

In the ever-evolving universe of Free Fire, the December Booyah Pass for Season 12 emerges as a galactic gateway to an interstellar adventure. While leaks serve as a telescope peering into the forthcoming attractions, it’s important to navigate these stellar waters with a pinch of skepticism until official announcements confirm the same.

Despite the credibility of the sources, there remains an element of uncertainty with these details. It’s also crucial to note that, with Free Fire being banned in India, players in the region are encouraged to engage with the Free Fire MAX version or await the upcoming Indian version, respecting local regulations.


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