Free Fire Lucky Wheel: Get Free Spirit Bundle, Gloo Wall skins, & More

In the latest Free Fire OB42 update, the Lucky Wheel event has been launched, promising players the chance to bag a plethora of in-game cosmetics at exceptionally low costs. Until 8th November, participants have the chance to spin for discounts and acquire items like the coveted Free Spirit Bundle and an assortment of Gloo Wall skins for a minimal diamond expenditure, starting from just nine Diamonds.

A Closer Look at the Lucky Wheel Mechanics

The mechanics of the Lucky Wheel are straightforward and user-friendly. Gamers are invited to spin the wheel to unlock a variety of discounts, which are then applicable to their next in-game purchase. These reductions range significantly, offering anything from a modest nine Diamonds price cut to an impressive 80% off. Each discount can be applied to only one item purchase, adding a strategic element to the game.

Free Fire Lucky Wheel: Diverse Prize Pool Selection

The event’s prize pool is brimming with items. Not all prizes are available at once; only a selection of eight is presented at any given time, with the option to refresh this selection using Diamonds. Among the treasures are the following:

  • A variety of bundles including the Free Spirit and Stereo Noisemaker

  • Unique Gloo Wall skins like Taunting Dino and Gate to Oblivion

  • Exclusive Katana and sports car designs

  • A myriad of backpacks, facepaints, and emoticons

  • An extensive array of token crates and weapon loot crates.

Steps to Secure the Free Spirit Bundle for a Steal

To snag these rewards for as little as nine Diamonds, players should follow these steps:

  1. Log into Free Fire and navigate to the Diamond event section.

  2. Access the Lucky Wheel to see the available discounts.

  3. Spin to win a discount, which can then be used to purchase one of the featured items at a reduced price.

Persistence is key; players are encouraged to continue spinning until they land the nine-Diamond discount, ensuring the most economical purchases. Once obtained, items are sent directly to the player’s vault.

Note for Indian Gamers

With Free Fire’s current status in India, players in the region are reminded not to download or play the banned version. As an alternative, the Free Fire MAX version is available, or players can await the arrival of the specially tailored Indian edition.