Free Fire: Check How to get the Guardian Drachen Skywing and Brisk Gallop Arrival Animation

The latest newest Moco store update introduced to the players, promises a treasure trove of collectibles including Skywings, Arrival Animations, bundles, and more. Within this digital store, two prize categories are featured—the Grand Prizes and the Bonus Prizes. The former boasts a collection of coveted items such as the Guardian Drachen Skywing and various bundles, while the latter entices with unique backpacks.

Fresh Moco Store Rolls Out in Free Fire MAX India

On November 8, 2023, players from India were greeted with the Free Fire MAX event, slated to run until November 22, 2023. Access to these premium rewards requires players to part with their precious diamonds, after which they may choose one item from each category before spinning the wheel for a chance to claim their prizes.

The event’s Grand Prizes shimmer with allure, featuring exclusive items like the Brisk Gallop Arrival Animation and striking bundles alongside rare gun skins. The Bonus Prizes are not to be overshadowed, presenting the Cosmic Drachen and an array of Skywings. After selecting one item from each section, participants can spin to win parts of this impressive collection.

As players indulge in the event, they’ll notice the increasing cost for each subsequent spin, scaling from 9 up to 499 diamonds. This mechanic encourages strategic selection, especially when aiming for previously chosen Grand Prizes like the Hysteria Weapon Loot Crate or the Gold Royale Voucher.

How to get the Guardian Drachen Skywing and Brisk Gallop Arrival Animation

To partake in this digital extravaganza, players must first navigate to the Luck Royale event section and locate the Moco Store event tab. It’s advisable to prioritize the rarest items, such as the Guardian Drachen Skywing, to maximize value. After making their selections, players can spin with their diamonds, continuing until they’ve secured their coveted items.