Free Fire MAX Iron Rave Ring Event is Here: Check Cost, Rewards & More

Free Fire MAX Iron Rave Ring Event is Here: Check Cost, Rewards & More

An exciting new Free Fire MAX event featuring special rewards like costume bundles is live. Named the “Iron Rave Ring” event, players here have the chance to obtain the stylish Rave Skater bundle through the luck royale prize system. The event will remain live 26th January, giving players enough time to gather resources and try their through Diamond spins.

More about the Iron Rave Ring Event

The Rave Skater set is avaliable in both male and female variants. The male bundle includes a blue top, bottom, shoes, hairstyle and facemask with an animated golden trim. The female Rage Skater bundle design also remains similar in aesthetics. Along with the Rave Skater costumes, additional minor rewards are up for grabs in the Iron Rave Ring event prize pool.

As a luck royale special event, acquiring the Rave Skater bundles will rely entirely on each player’s fortune rather than being guaranteed prizes. Participants will need to spend diamonds, not universal tokens, to try their luck at getting all 5 pieces of their preferred Skater set. Considering the unpredictable nature of luck royale events, Garena has conveniently launched a top-up promotion for players to purchase diamonds at a discount ahead of time.

Diamond Cost of Spins in Iron Rave Ring

The Ring Event utilizes a spinner reward system, with each spin costing 20 diamonds. However, players can purchase 11 spins together for a discounted bundle price of 200 diamonds. The grand prize of an Evo gun skin is guaranteed within a maximum of 50 spins, making obtaining these coveted skins more achievable.

Players can find it in the standard luck royale menu (accessible through the left menu of the home screen). All they need to do is tap on the event icon and then spend their diamonds on spins for a random chance at the Rave Skater bundles or other minor rewards. Be sure to stock up on diamonds beforehand to maximize your luck royale chances!

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