Valorant Mobile: What’s the Current State of its Global Beta Launch?

Valorant Mobile: What's the Current State of its Global Beta Launch?

Valorant Mobile has been in development for some time, and there have been teasers, gameplays, and various rumors floating around regarding a potential global launch. However, concrete details remain scarce, and recent unofficial information indicates that a global beta won’t be coming as soon as some may expect.

No Valorant Mobile Global Beta for January 2024?

In early January 2024, there were rumors circulating that Valorant Mobile would enter global beta testing in the first week of January. This ended up not being true, as we’ve almost reached the mid of January with no beta in sight.

Many within the mobile gaming community speculate that with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, most companies effectively shut down operations from late January through late February. Employees take long vacations to celebrate, party, and spend time with family. So realistically, any major news about Valorant Mobile will likely not emerge until at least March.

Further confirmation by Reports from Playtesters

There’s also the claim made by an alleged Valorant Mobile playtester that if a global beta was truly ready to launch, registration forms and information would have already been sent out to testers about 15 days in advance. As of late January, this playtester reports they have received no such forms, indicating the global beta is not as imminent as some rumors had suggested.

Gameplay of what appears to be a Chinese Valorant Mobile beta has been leaked, showing slick graphics and fast 120FPS performance. However, according to a claim made by a leaker, what people are calling a “global beta” actually has nothing to do with an international release.

Rather, this version of Valorant Mobile is just an unfinished prototype focused on design experimentation and optimization within China. Supposedly these prototypes can never be released globally without further development completion and official approval stamped by the creators.

So in summary, while anticipation for Valorant on mobile remains high, concrete details about an international release remain lacking. Rumors should be taken with skepticism until official launch announcements are made. And with the upcoming Chinese New Year lull in operations, the next few months will likely remain quiet on the Valorant Mobile front. Fans may need to hold onto their patience for a bit longer before the game reaches global audiences. But once complete and approved, Valorant Mobile could become a slick and polished addition to the mobile shooter genre.

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