Free Fire MAX Moco Store Adds Cobra Fist & Bone Fist; How to Get & Diamond Cost

Free Fire MAX has introduced an exciting new Moco Store event offering players the chance to obtain highly coveted items like the Cobra Fist and Bone Fist weapon skins. Running for just one week from 21st January, this is a prime opportunity for collectors to expand their vaults.

How to get Cobra Fist & Bone Fist in Free Fire?

The Moco Store allows players to directly purchase the themed rewards they desire most by making a set number of spins using diamonds. Unlike typical lucky draws where prizes are completely random, the Moco Store lets you pick one Grand Prize item and one Bonus Prize item upfront that you will eventually obtain.

After selecting the two items you want the most, each spin will award one random reward from the prize pool until all have been collected. This pool contains additional weapon loot crates, vouchers, cube fragments, and more. The key advantage is that no reward will repeat, guaranteeing acquisition of both target items plus extras after a set number of spins.

The first spin costs 9 diamonds, with each subsequent spin increasing in price up to 499 diamonds. In total, players can obtain the full prize pool for 874 diamonds if they are making all the spins. This makes obtaining the Cobra Fist and Bone Fist achievable for the most dedicated players.

Steps to Get the Rewards?

  1. Open Free Fire MAX and navigate to the Luck Royale section

  2. Carefully review the Grand Prize and Bonus Prize options and make your 2 selections

  3. Start making spins and accumulating rewards and get the guarantee to eventually obtain your chosen Cobra Fist and Bone Fist skin along with other prizes

With tantalizing weapons skins up for grabs and direct purchase through spins, the latest Moco Store offers an exciting way for collectors to expand their inventories. But act fast, as this event disappears on 28th January.