Free Fire Mystery Shop Items for December 2023 Leaked: Check Rewards, Start Date, More

The anticipation surrounding the Mystery Shop event in Free Fire remains palpable among users due to its reputation for offering substantial discounts on in-game items. A recent leak by renowned data miner @sawgaming_2.0 has unveiled an upcoming iteration of this event, stirring excitement among players. Expected to launch imminently, the event is anticipated to cater to gamers in India, Bangladesh, and Singapore servers.

Leaked Details: Rewards, Commencement, and Scope

The impending Mystery Shop event is slated to spotlight costume bundles as its grand prizes. Additionally, a diverse array of miscellaneous rewards comprising skins, costumes, emotes, and more is expected to be up for grabs.

Delving into the Revelations of the Upcoming Free Fire Mystery Shop Event

@sawgaming_2.0 took to social media to disclose insights about the forthcoming Mystery Shop event in Free Fire. According to the leak, the event’s inauguration is scheduled for 5th December 2023, merely a few days from now. Its expected duration spans a week, affording ample time for users to utilize their diamonds on the enticing rewards.

The leaked image hints at the prominent features of the event, primarily showcasing the Iceshard Bundle, Icy Mask, and the Iceflake Bundle, aligning seamlessly with the game’s prevailing winter theme. It is plausible that other rewards will follow a similar thematic pattern.

It’s imperative for players to approach this leaked information with cautious optimism, recognizing that these details are speculative until officially introduced within the game.

Current Free Items up for grabs in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX is offering the coveted Freedom Sprintstar Bundle for free in December 2023 through the “Booyah with Friends” event. This exclusive female outfit usually requires a hefty diamond investment but can now be obtained by completing specific tasks within the game. The event, running until 14th December, requires players to achieve a set number of wins either solo or with friends in various game modes.