Free Fire New Top-Up Event Live: Rewards, Cost, Dates, More

Top-Up events have always been a source of excitement for avid Free Fire players, especially for those who regularly invest in diamonds. These events offer the chance to acquire exclusive in-game rewards, making them highly anticipated occurrences.

Free Fire Smash Top-Up Event: Smash the Feather Emote Exclusive

The official descriptions suggests that the Top-Up event kicked off on October 2, 2023, will conclude on October 21, 2023, will reward players with a unique emote—Smash the Feather. This emote showcases the in-game character engaged in a racquet-based action. Players eager to add this exclusive emote to their collection will need to fulfill specific requirements.

Event Requirements

To secure the Smash the Feather emote, players are required to purchase 100 diamonds in Free Fire during the event period. Given the typical pricing of emotes, this presents a valuable opportunity for players to enhance their in-game experience without a substantial financial commitment. Additionally, the diamonds acquired for the event can later be utilized in other in-game events to unlock additional rewards.

Smash Top-up Event Requirements

Players participating in the Ink Hyperbook event can unlock various rewards based on their diamond top-ups:

  • Top-up 100 diamonds: Smash the Feather

  • Top-up 300 diamonds: Sunset Explorer Mask

  • Top-up 500 diamonds: Sunset Explorer Head

  • Top-up 700 diamonds: Sunset Explorer Shoes

  • Top-up 900 diamonds: Sunset Explorer Bottom

  • Top-up 1100 diamonds: Sunset Explorer Top

Apart from the Top-up rewards, players can also get their hands on the Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 10 as bonus rewards. This fresh installment promises a trove of captivating rewards, featuring a diverse array of themed cosmetics, including two outfits, weapon skins, avatars, banners, and various other collectibles.

Players can unlock these items by upgrading the pass, achieved through completing missions to earn EXP or opting for a direct purchase using Diamonds. Let’s delve into the specifics of the Booyah Pass for October 2023.