How to Free Legendary Skins in COD: Mobile Halloween Community Event

How to Free Legendary Skins in COD: Mobile Halloween Community Event

The much-anticipated Season 9 Halloween update in COD Mobile has brought along not just spooky thrills but also a hidden Easter egg in the form of a community event. Players are in for a treat as they have the chance to snag free legendary weapon skins. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this new Halloween community event, exploring how it works and how players can potentially unlock coveted legendary skins.

The Arsenal Tab Update: Unveiling the Series Tab

With the arrival of the Season 9 update, the arsenal tab in the game received a significant update, introducing a new tab named ‘Series.’ This tab, easily accessible with just a few clicks, is set to house a collection of skins related to specific events, styles, or holidays. Given the proximity to Halloween, the first series released is appropriately themed for the spooky season.

Halloween Legendary Skin Series: A Sneak Peek

The Halloween-themed series is already creating a buzz among players, showcasing legendary weapon blueprints that are set to be released in Season 9. Notable among them are the legendary M4 Cord Jester Blueprint, Holder 26 Jack Lantern skin, AK-47 Pumpkin Head Blueprint, and the legendary Maddox Squash Demon Blueprint.

Lucky Draw Speculations: A Chance at Legendary Rewards

Dataminers have uncovered these legendary weapon skins within the game files, suggesting that they might be part of a single lucky draw. The draw is anticipated to be a key component of the hidden community event. Alongside the weapon skins, players can also spot a clickable image in the lower right corner, hinting at potential additional rewards.

Hidden Community Event: Unlocking Milestone and Completionist Rewards

The mysterious community event offers milestone rewards based on the number of likes received. Upon reaching 1 million, 2 million, and 3 million likes in the Halloween Community Event, players can accumulate a total of 300 series points. These points, as described, will be instrumental in acquiring weapons from the series armory.

Completionist Rewards: Mythic Calling Card and More

Completing the event by obtaining the four legendary weapon skins unlocks exclusive completionist rewards. These include a mythic calling card named Lantern Fall, a legendary frame named Jack Lantern, an epic Halloween Series 2023 Emote, and a unique Halloween badge for the player’s COD Mobile profile.

Link Between Lucky Draw and COD: Mobile Halloween Community Event

The connection between the lucky draw and the community event is a subject of speculation. It’s suggested that the lucky draw might offer a chance to obtain not only the four legendary Halloween blueprints but also an epic skin for 50 GS, Dovbra, Butterfly Knife, and the Lantern Fall design.

Accessing the Community Event: A Quick Guide

For players unfamiliar with the new event, accessing it is straightforward. Start by going to your safe house, click on the Arsenal tab, and navigate to the Mythic and legendary Weapon skins. Click on any skin, then use the magnifying glass icon to take a screenshot. Returning to the weapon skins, you’ll discover the hidden series tab unlocked.

Speculations and Player Curiosity: What Are the 300 Series Points for?

While the specifics of the hidden community event remain unclear, the accumulation of 300 series points raises questions about their purpose. Players are left curious and speculating about what rewards and surprises might await them in this mysterious Halloween event.

As players embark on this Halloween-themed journey in COD Mobile, the promise of free legendary skins and exciting rewards adds an extra layer of thrill to the gaming experience. Stay tuned for further updates and keep those thumbs ready to hit the milestones in the Halloween Community Event!

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