Free Fire OB42 Advance Server: Activation Codes, Registration & More

The Free Fire OB42 Advance Server is on the horizon, and players are actively registering on the official website to obtain their Activation Codes. These codes serve as a one-time entry pass to a dedicated client designed for testing new features before their official integration into the game.

It’s crucial to note that due to high demand, Garena is limiting the issuance of codes for each iteration. Consequently, not everyone will secure access even after the application process.

To assist users, this article presents a list of valid OB42 Advance Server Activation Codes:

List of Free Fire OB42 Advance Server Activation Codes:


  2. S44M12H91MF9U5T8



  5. H11JFXJ5HI8O81JY





  10. 9UMPWMUE69RU52PB

  11. QYFQXD22HPG9X66O

The OB42 Advance Server is set to commence on October 13, 2023, concluding on October 27, 2023. APK download opens on the first day and is accessible to everyone, but only those with valid Activation Codes can explore the upcoming features.

Note: Activation Codes are single-use. If an error occurs, it indicates that another user has already claimed the code.

How to Report Bugs and Earn Diamonds from Free Fire OB42 Advance Server:

Garena has a bug hunter program that incentivizes players to report bugs in the OB42 Advance Server. Follow these steps for a chance to receive premium in-game currency:

  1. Play the Advance Server and, if you encounter any glitches, record a video or take a screenshot as proof.

  2. Access the Advance Server website and sign in to your account.

  3. Navigate to the bug report section, describe the encountered issue alongside relevant proof, and submit the report.

Subsequently, you may receive Diamonds in your global account.