Free Fire OB42 Update to Include New Bundles in Magic Cube Store

Garena Free Fire is set for its latest seasonal update, slated for release on October 31, 2023. The OB42 update promises a variety of fresh elements and modifications, including the introduction of a new character and an exciting snow theme, among other enhancements. Notably, the update will also bring substantial alterations to the offerings in the Magic Cube Store.

Latest Additions to Magic Cube Store’s Inventory in Free Fire OB42 Update

Scheduled to arrive with the OB42 update on October 31, 2023, the Magic Cube Store is expected to showcase a range of new costume bundles. These include:

  • Silver Samurai Bundle

  • Silver Empress Bundle

  • Graffito Marino Bundle

  • Graffiti Marina Bundle

  • Chicky Chic Bundle

  • Snappy

  • Enchanted Fable Bundle

  • Moonlight Ballad Bundle

  • Star Gazer Bundle

  • Mr. Nutcracker Bundle

Discontinued Bundles from Magic Cube Store

With the incoming update, certain existing bundles will be phased out from the Magic Cube Store. These bundles are:

Navigating the Magic Cube Store in Free Fire

For players unfamiliar with the Magic Cube Store and its operations, here’s a simplified guide to utilizing Magic Cubes for exchanges in the store:

  1. Launching the Store: Begin by opening the Free Fire application.

  2. Locating the Store: In the app, navigate to the Store, located at the top-left section of the lobby.

  3. Accessing the Redemption Section: Once in the Store, proceed to the “Redeem” section.

  4. Finding Magic Cubes: Select the “Magic Cube” option to enter the specific store section.

  5. Conversion Process: Choose “Magic Cube” from the scroll-down menu and click on “Exchange” to convert Cube Fragments into Magic Cubes.

By following these steps, players can effectively convert their Cube Fragments into Magic Cubes and use them for acquiring various bundles within the Magic Cube Store.

In conclusion, the OB42 update in Free Fire not only introduces thrilling new gameplay elements and aesthetics like a snow theme and new characters but also significantly refreshes the Magic Cube Store’s inventory. Players can look forward to exciting new bundles such as the Silver Samurai and Star Gazer, while saying farewell to some older ones.