Free Fire OB42 Update to Introduce Gold Royale and FF Token Bundles; Check Out Here

As the date for Free Fire’s (FF) OB42 update on October 31, 2023, approaches, a wave of anticipation sweeps over the gaming community. This forthcoming update promises an array of game modifications, one of which is the introduction of a new Gold Royale Bundle. Free Fire players can delve into the details of the OB42 update patch notes to quench their curiosity.

New Bundle in Free Fire OB42 Update

With each update, the Gold Royale bundle undergoes a transformation, and an additional bundle finds its way to the FF Token Redeem Store. This article sheds light on the Gold Royale Bundle and FF Token Bundle that will debut post the OB42 update.

Come October 31, 2023, Free Fire is set to unveil the next iteration of the Gold Royale Bundle concurrent with the release of the OB42 update. The existing bundle, titled ‘Watercolor Canvas Bundle,’ is tailored for male characters. Adhering to the customary alternation between male and female bundles, the impending Gold Royale Bundle for October 2023 is a female-centric bundle dubbed ‘Watercolor Palette Bundle.’ A sneak peek of the bundle is provided below through a leaked image.

The Mechanics of Gold Royale

Accessible from the ‘Luck Royale’ segment on the lobby’s left, Gold Royale offers a coveted bundle as the grand reward, accompanied by smaller prizes. The essence of winning the main prize lies in making spins. Each spin unfolds a reward, be it a minor prize or the grand bundle. Players have a choice between ‘1 Spin’ and ‘10+1 Spins,’ where a single spin requires either 1 Gold Royale Voucher or 300 Gold Coins, and the 10+1 option demands either 10 Gold Royale Voucher or 3000 Gold Coins.

FF Token Exchange Bundles

The OB42 update will usher in a new male bundle in the FF Token Exchange Store, complementing the female bundle in Gold Royale. Although there’s no visual sneak peek of the male bundle yet, stay tuned for updates. The FF Token Exchange Store is navigable via the Store -> Redeem -> FF Token tab, making it a straightforward process for players to explore the new offerings.