Free Fire OB43 Leaks Reveal Gold Royale Bundle for January 2024

Garena is preparing to refresh the prize pool of Free Fire MAX’s recurring Gold Royale event when patch OB43 launches soon. As it does every two months, the developer will be replacing the current female bundle with an all new male skin set as the main attraction. Leakers have provided an early sneak peek at what players can expect to see hit the Gold Royale when January 2024 arrives.

Midnight Rider Highly Tipped as Next Gold Royale Bundle

Based on clues within game files, leakers strongly anticipate the Midnight Rider bundle serving as January’s Gold Royale grand item. The tactical black ops style outfit is tipped to have a near 90% chance of materializing unless Garena pulls a last minute swap.

The Midnight Rider bundle boasts matching separate pieces for the head, top, bottom, and shoes. It carries on Gold Royale’s tradition of offering a complete look in one tidy package.

Sleek Bandit Bundle Rumored as Potential Replacement

A less likely but still possible candidate for the next Gold Royale is the Sleek Bandit bundle. Images show it sports a simpler aesthetically-pleasing look relative to the complex and flamboyant Midnight Rider.

While seen as unlikely, until Garena confirms January’s Gold Royale contents closer to release, a late change remains possible if the developer desires. Fashionable players will want to keep an eye out for both stylish sets when the refresh launches.

Gold Royale Details and Timing

The new Gold Royale prize pool featuring either the Midnight Rider or Sleek Bandit is slated to run for 70 days. It is set to open on January 26th, 2024 following the OB43 patch deploying a couple days prior on the 24th.

As typical for Gold Royales, spins will cost either 300 gold or 1 Gold Royale Voucher with no diamond expenditure needed. So free-to-play gamers have a legitimate chance at the rare upscale skin through saving up gold and Voucher rewards via events and achievements.