Free Fire MAX OB43 Magic Cube Store Bundles Leaked

Free Fire MAX’s next major update, OB43, is set to introduce a variety of new cosmetic bundles to the game’s Magic Cube store. The Magic Cube store allows players to exchange hard-earned Magic Cubes for exclusive outfits previously available only in Luck Royales. With each update, Garena rotates out some old bundles to make room for new ones to keep the store fresh.

Reliable Free Fire leakers have already uncovered which bundles will be added and removed in the OB43 update arriving January 24, 2024. This inside look enables players to decide if they want to save their Magic Cubes for the upcoming garbs.

New OB43 Magic Cube Store Outfits Coming to Free Fire MAX

In total, 10 new bundle sets will be available for Indian servers after patch OB43 goes live. The arrivals will supplement 10 existing bundles being retained from the current store. The full list includes:

  • Dawnlit Hitman Bundle

  • Dusklit Slayer Bundle

  • Doctor Scarlette Bundle

  • Doctor Red Bundle

  • Nightbloom Slayer Bundle

  • Lotus Blader Bundle

  • Ancient Glory Bundle

  • Magma Bionicon Bundle

  • Lotus Blader Bundle

Take a detailed look at the bundles below

With themes ranging from stigma doctors to mercenaries to ancient warriors, the variety of incoming skins should entice fashionable players.

Magic Cube Store Changes

The leaked bundles above represent the future Magic Cube inventory available starting January 24 when OB43 launches. To acquire these outfits, players will need to have crafted at least 1 Magic Cube, which requires gathering 100 fragments through various means.

The good news is plenty of events provide at least a few fragments, while Luck Royale jackpots can reward full Cubes. With some dedication, every type of player has a chance to ultimately claim a coveted Cube costume over time.

So if any of the datamined arrivals catch your eye, make sure and save your Cubes for the OB43 drop rather than spend on current options. Within days a fresh batch of garb will be just a Cube exchange away.