Free Fire Redeem Codes (April 2024): Weapon Skins, Characters, Emotes, Gold, More

Free Fire Redeem Codes (April 2024): Weapon Skins, Characters, Emotes, Gold, More

Free Fire Redeem Codes are always in high demand among the players as they reward them with free cosmetics and items to use in the game including weapon skins, characters, gold coins, emotes, bundles, and many other things.

These are distributed by the developers or through some popular content creators and streamers, across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

However, these announcements are quite random and are not directly available in the game. So to make things easier for players, we have collected all the necessary information on their behalf.

Here are all the active Free Fire Redeem Codes for the month of April.

Free Fire Redeem Codes (April 2024): Complete Details

Free Fire Redeem Codes have always been in high demand but they are released ever so often. On top of that, they all have different expiry dates and contain random rewards. This makes it difficult to constantly track them, find new ones, and try them all out in a single day.

To make things easier for all players eager to get their hands on some free rewards, we will keep track of all active Free Fire Redeem Codes for April 2024.

Here is a list of all active and working Free Fire Redeem Codes for April 2024.

  • FV1P9C4J7H5F3SBM

  • FQ8K2M3G7L4X1Y6E

  • FB1Z6U8N9A7O5TRS

  • FF4W2Q7D1E6Y8BNX

  • FM3N7A9V1X5C8JKL

  • FG5Q2R3X4Z1E6TBF

  • FL2U8C5V9Q3M4NRD

  • FN7R4W1O6Z8D2Y5X


  • FC1Y7N3T6R4P9AVE

  • FS9W3V7X1L5J6FOQ

  • FD4B1Z8T2Q95C7LH

  • FR3E0N6F9V2D7Z5K

  • FY5J9M2A6W3B1G4C

  • FJ0I5H2X4E9G7CPV

  • FX2G5P9F3H6T1L4V

  • FK9Z3L2T5V7R4C0B

  • FW6H8K3Y5N2R7X4M

  • FT6X7K3L8OS1F9ZN

  • FA3B8R5XD2JF0K9W

  • FP7M4Q9YG2F1L8Z6

  • FE9V0C5B1R4S3N6A

  • FU6L2D8I7J9R4E0Y

  • FZ8H2E3R6T5W1U7Q

  • FIFJ0S4D6C9L8Y2K

  • T2Y8R9U6I5O4PS3A

  • F1D2S3A4W5E6R7T8

  • U2I3O4P5L6K7J8H9


  • H2JU7Y6G5T4F3RDI

  • G2H3J4K5L6Z7X8C9

  • P2O3I4U5Y6T7R8E9

  • X2C3V4B5N6M7L8K9

  • Y2U3I4O5PA7S8D9F

  • Z2X3C4V5B6N7M8L9

  • R2T3Y4U5I6O7P8S9

  • M2N3B4V5C6X7Z8Q9

  • E2D3C4V5B6N7M8Q9

  • Z7X8C9V6B5N4M3LK

  • Q2W3E4R5T6Y7U8I9

  • B2N3M4K5J6H7G8F9

  • W8E9R7T6Y5U4I3OQ

  • X2C3V4B5N6M7L8K9

  • Y8RT9JH6K5L4M3NX

  • T2Y8R9U6I5O4PS3A

  • L2K3J4H5G6F7D8S9

  • A2S3D4F5G6HJ7K8L

  • L2KJ7H6G5FD4S3AW

  • F2D3S4A5W6E7R8T9

  • Q2W3E4R5T6Y7U8I9

Note: All of them were working as of the first day of this month. However, players can face some problems when using the above codes because there could be certain server restrictions, unknown expiry dates, usage limits, and region locks in place.

Here are some expired Free Fire Redeem Codes that might not work any longer, but they are worth trying out as there is always a chance that some might not have timed out or reached their respective redemption limits.



  • FFBCT7P7N2P2













  • SARG886AV5GR



  • FFBCLQ6S7W25









  • 4ST1ZTBE2RP9

  • X99TK56XDJ4X



  • ZRJAPH294KV5

  • PK95JK8QWK4X






  • MSJX8VM25B95


  • FF10617KGUF9

  • FF9M2GF14CBF



For all those new to the mobile battle royale or just unaware of how the Free Fire Redeem Codes work, here is how you can claim the free rewards.

  1. To receive the rewards associated with the Free Fire Redeem Codes, players must go to the official rewards redemption website ‘‘.

  2. Be very careful of which rewards redemption website you visit as there are a lot of fake websites with similar names that could lead to a lot of problems for the user, so double check it.

  3. Log in with the account that is linked to your Free Fire profile using the available options – Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei ID, Apple ID, and Twitter.

  4. Guest accounts will not be able to redeem these codes unless they are linked to one of the platforms displayed on the website.

  5. Now all that you need to do is copy any Free Fire Redeem Code and paste it in the text box that appears on the website after logging in.

  6. Once done, you can simply tap on the ‘Confirm’ prompt that shows up on the screen and then claim the items associated with the respective code through the in-game mail section in Free Fire.

This is everything you need to know about the Free Fire Redeem Codes which is a brilliant extra feature provided by Garena for the community to enjoy, providing them with some free stuff from time to time.

While currently a few of them are active, this is not the case every time. Hopefully, the developers will maintain this flow of free giveaways for the players throughout April 2024.

Keep checking back in case more redeem codes are added to the list because you never know when the next one might drop. You do not want to end up missing out on the best ones!

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