Free Fire Shadow Ring Event: Check Bundles, Cost, More

Free Fire welcomes players to partake in its latest ring event, dubbed the “Shadow Ring”, available from October 19 through November 1, 2023. The event highlights four major rewards namely, the Aim High Bundle, The Shadow Red Bundle, The Frosted Blue Bundle, and the Targeting Bullseye Bundle. By spending diamonds on spins, players can unlock these exclusive items along with other smaller prizes during the event’s duration.

Engaging in the Shadow Ring Event

The central mechanism of the Shadow Ring event is a spin-to-win format. Participants can opt for either a single spin at the cost of 20 diamonds or a bundle of 10+1 spins for 200 diamonds, the latter providing an additional spin as a bonus. Each spin grants players one item from a pool of 14 distinct items showcased on the event screen, including the coveted grand prizes.

List of Available Items

Here’s a glimpse of the items that can be obtained through spinning:

  • Various quantities of Orb Tokens (x1, x2, x3, x5, x10)

  • Spot on Backpack

  • Spot on Loot Box

  • The Frosted Blue Bundle

  • Aim High Bundle

  • The Shadow Red Bundle

  • Targeting Bullseye Bundle

Redeeming Orb Tokens for Prizes

Spins may yield Orb Tokens, which can be accumulated and exchanged for grand prizes and other items. An ‘Exchange’ button is situated on the top right of the event screen for this purpose. Below is a rundown of the items and their respective Orb Token values:

  • The Shadow Red Bundle – 250 Orb Tokens

  • The Frosted Blue Bundle – 225 Orb Tokens

  • Aim High Bundle – 200 Orb Tokens

  • Targeting Bullseye Bundle – 200 Orb Tokens

  • And many more including weapon loot crates and name change cards.

How to Acquire the Grand Prizes

The Aim High and The Shadow Red Bundles can be obtained either directly through spins or by exchanging accumulated Orb Tokens. It’s advisable to secure these bundles via spins to conserve Orb Tokens for redeeming other valuable items within the Free Fire Shadow Ring event.

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