Free Fire x Demon Slayer: Get Free Tengen’s Bundle and Tanjiro Style Backpack

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale mobile games and has always provided its fans and players with exciting rewards and events. Fans were excited as the details of the collaboration between Free Fire and Demon Slayer were revealed.

The Demon Slayer event has started and players can now obtain the Tengen’s bundle and the Tanjiro style backpack. Both the items are available for free but players will need to complete several missions and collect stars in order to receive them.

How to get the Tengen Bundle and Tanjiro Style Backpack 

The Demon Slayer event began on 26th September. The Tengen bundle and Tanjiro style backpack event will run from 29th September to 13th October. The event has various rewards that can be obtained by players for free. To obtain the Tengen bundle and Tanjiro style backpack players will have to complete the missions available on the ability chart. The missions are divided into five types and are available on the ability chart. After completing each mission players will be rewarded with stars which can be used to redeem the rewards. 

These are the rewards for each level of stars obtained:

  • 10 Stars – 1000x Gold

  • 20 Stars – Booyah Day 2023 music

  • 30 Stars – 1000x Gold

  • 40 Stars – Chachamaru

  • 50 Stars – 1000x Gold

  • 60 Stars – Chachamaru

  • 70 Stars – 1500x Gold

  • 80 Stars – Secret Clue

  • 90 Stars – 1500x Gold

  • 100 Stars – Secret Clue

  • 115 Stars – Tanjiro Style Banner

  • 130 Stars – 3000x Gold

  • 145 Stars – 3000x Gold

  • 160 Stars – Tanjiro Avatar

  • 175 Stars – 4000x Gold

  • 190 Stars – 4000x Gold

  • 205 Stars – Tanjiro Style Backpack

  • 220 Stars – 5000x Gold

  • 235 Stars – 5000x Gold

  • 250 Stars – Tengen’s Bundle

Players will need to complete each mission and then redeem the stars to unlock the next reward. 

Follow these steps to obtain the the Tanjiro style backpack and Tengen’s bundle:

  • Click on the Demon Slayer event in the left bottom corner to enter the event.

  • Complete the missions from each of the five types available on the ability chart. 

  • After completing the mission players will receive stars which can be used to redeem for the rewards available.

  • The Tanjiro Style Backpack and Tengen’s Bundle can be obtained with 205 and 250 stars each.

Players will have to obtain 250 stars to receive the Tengen’s Bundle. Fans should consider completing this event as this event offers some of the best premium rewards like the Tanjiro backpack, Tengen’s bundle and the Tanjiro avatar for free.