GTA Online Update Heres Everything New This Week

GTA Online

GTA Online : The world of online multiplayer Games is so big that it has grabbed the attention of every new or old video games maker. in the year 2021 you can play most of the popular games with players sitting on the other side of the world via using the Internet. And the trend Of online multiplayer game was accepted by the Grand Theft Auto makers and they launched the GTA Online With its GTA 5 game. And since the launch of GTA Online the makers are updating the game on regular basis. And GTA online update here’s everything new this week.

GTA Online

What is GTA Online?

GTA Online is a multiplayer component of the GTA 5 game launched in October 2013. GTA Online is a online multiplayer part of the game Grand Theft Auto 5. and you can access GTA Online from the dashboard of Grand Theft Auto 5 game.

It is a game of 16 players who play in a dynamic and persistent online world of the Grand Theft Auto. GTA Online allows you to team up with your friends and complete missions and activities as well as competing with others in traditional game modes also.

As per the story line up of grand theft Auto online all the events of GTA online take place before the events of the actual GTA 5 game. And the few characters from the single player campaigns such as Lamar and Lester plays a prominent role in the GTA Online univese.

Who can play GTA online?

As per the official reports of availability of GTA online is currently limited to Non Mobile devices. That means in order to play GTA Online you have to have PlayStation 4 or higher, Xbox One or a personal computer. 

Till September 2021 GTA Online is not available for mobile devices or any tablet device. And just like any other Grand Theft Auto game GTA5 is also not a free game to play.

If you are a PlayStation user you will required a PlayStation Plus membership if you want to play GTA Online. Right now the PlayStation Plus membership is priced at 499 INR every month.

And if you are a Xbox user then you will also required Xbox Live membership if you wish to play Grand Theft Auto online. And the Xbox Live membership is priced at 489 INR every month.

But if you are a computer user who played GTA on your computer. in that case GTA Online is free to play. Other than the cost of Buying GTA 5.

And in order to play the GTA Online game you can simply start your GTA 5 games from computer, Xbox One or PlayStation 5 and then select the online mode rather than the regular single player mode from the dashboard of Grand theft auto 5.

GTA online update here’s everything new this week 30th September 2021.

To maintain the interest open all the Grand Theft Auto lovers GTA Online maker comes up with updates on regular basis. And GTA online update here’s everything new this week.

Return to GTA Online.

A few activities such as Sumo, Inch By Inch, Keep The Pace, Offense Defense, Sea Races, Parachuting Jobs, etc had made a return via the GTA online update this week.

Triple your Rewards.

By doing Land Races, Lamar Contact Missions you will get Triple rewards. 

Double Your Rewards.

Now Offense Defense Adversary Mode will give you double reward in terms on RP and GTA $.

Double Your GTA$ Rewards

By following Time Trials now you can Double Your GTA$ Rewards.

Weekly Prize Ride Challenge.

By finishing in Top 3 in 7 Pursuit Series Races will let you win the weekly Prize ride challenge and exciting prize.

Prize Ride players who complete the Weekly Challenge will win the following:

Emperor Vectre which was Displayed on the Slamtruck at the LS Car Meet, is the Exciting prize you can win by completing the weekly Prize Ride challenge.

Cars available for Test Rides now 

Now the Dinka Jester RR, Annis Euros, Vapid Dominator ASP all 3 cars will be available for the test ride. After the GTA online weekly update this week.

Weekly Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel.

Weekly Diamond casino lucky wheel which allows you spin the week once a day will have Ubermacht Rebla GTS, GTA$, RP, Clothing, etc as it’s Prizes.

Discounts this week.

GTA online update this week has many discounts included with it such as

  • Bravado Youga Classic (40% Off)
  • Youga Classic 4×4 (40% Off)
  • Progen Itali GTB (30% Off)
  • Itali GTB Custom (30% Off)
  • Willard Faction (30% Off)
  • Faction Custom Donk (30% Off)
  • Albany Manana (30% Off)
  • Manana Custom (30% Off)
  • Pfister Comet (30% Off)
  • Comet Retro Custom (30% Off)
  • Hydraulics (50% Off – Benny’s Original Motor Works)
  • Declasse Tulip (40% Off)
  • Annis Euros (30% Off)
  • Auto Shop Upgrades and Modifications (25% Off)

You can take the advantage of discount offer buy the GTA Online weekly update this week and grab your favorite item at a huge discount.

Bonuses through October 20:

Players who linked their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming are eligible for their Rewards and now can claim the Lampadati Casco (65% Off), Dinka RT3000 (35% Off), GTA$100,000 (Login Bonus).

Link your Rockstar Social Club and Twitch Prime Gaming accounts. 

Now Players can link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Twitch Prime Gaming accounts by visiting the link given

There are many minor items as activities included with the GTA online update this week. Other than the rewards, discount offer, missions and activities we have mentioned here. So go and check it out right now.


You conclude my article I will say GTA online update here’s everything new this week has been discussed. We have also included a little preview of what is GTA online for all the new players for better understanding about this update. And if you think we missed anything or you want to know more about gta online update this week let us know in the comment section.

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