How to Get the Free Anniversary RPD Skin in COD: Mobile; Explained

How to Get the Free Anniversary RPD Skin in COD: Mobile; Explained

The 4th Anniversary celebrations are currently live in COD: Mobile which has introduced a plethora of free and premium skins in the game. But the one freebie that has really peaked the attention of free to players is the all new epic blueprint of RPD called the 4th Anniversary Blammo To get the RPD – 4th Anniversary Blammo blueprint for free in COD: Mobile’s anniversary event, follow this simple guide. It gives you a clear, detailed step-by-step explanation of how to navigate the event’s mechanics.

The RPD – 4th Anno Blammo

Unlike some blueprints that merely slap a camo on a standard gun, the RPD skin stands out with specific details reminiscent of a legendary blueprint. Noteworthy features include a custom bipod, a unique magazine with a tire on the stock, and an additional decorative cat element.

How to Obtain the RPD Blueprint?

Players need to go to the event section of the game first by entering the multiplayer or battle royale lobby. Then go to the Mail Call tab under the event section to participate in the event.

Collecting Letters: To get the RPD skin, you need 120 letters out of 150. You should know there’s a limit to how many letters you can collect each day. It’s important to collect a good amount each day without reaching the limit too quickly.

Tips for Daily Dice: Doing well in the board game part of the event depends on how you use your daily dice rolls. Try to get the top three daily dice—they’re more valuable. You can also choose a number with colored dice, but it’s smart to wait until you get the daily login bonus before using them.

Board Game Strategy: You need a good plan to move around the board. Use both random and colored dice carefully to land on spaces that give you letters. This helps you make progress while sticking to the daily limit.

World Chat Letters: Talking with others in the world chat is important. Share your letters every day and claim the ones others share. But as you collect more letters, it gets harder to claim new ones. So, being efficient in the world chat is key.

Achieving Success: To get the RPD skin, you need to follow the daily dice tips, the board game strategy, and stay active in the world chat. Keep track of your progress to collect 120 letters. Combining these steps is the way to get closer to the RPD skin.

In conclusion, this guide helps players navigate the fourth-anniversary event in COD: Mobile. By following these steps, players increase their chances of getting the RPD skin while understanding the event better without all the hype.

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