How to Get the Latest Gloo Wall Skin Other Rewards from Free Fire Carmine Wall Event

Garena Free Fire has recently introduced the Carmine Wall event, providing an opportunity for players to secure exclusive rewards. This guide delves deep into the details, ensuring you have all the information you need to make the most of this limited-time event.

Free Fire Carmine Wall Event Overview

The Carmine Wall event, initiated on October 8, 2023, is set to enthrall players till October 14, 2023. Among the coveted prizes, the Carmine Ghost Gloo Wall skin stands out, complemented by an array of other attractive rewards. Specifically, the prize pool comprises:

Diamond Cost of Carmine Wall Event

Unlocking the event’s offerings requires diamonds. The initial unlock demands nine diamonds, followed by 19, 49, 99, and finally 399 diamonds. Calculatedly, securing the Carmine Ghost Gloo Wall skin alongside other distinctive rewards will set players back by 575 diamonds.

It’s worth noting the exceptional value this event offers. An exclusive Gloo Wall skin typically demands a hefty diamond expenditure. Players stand to obtain a remarkable deal if they manage to unlock the skin in the early stages.

Unlocking the Rewards

To access the event and its enticing rewards, follow the ensuing steps:

  1. Launch Free Fire on your mobile. Locate and tap the “Events” icon positioned on the screen’s left.

  2. Seek out the “Carmine Wall” listing within the “Events” tab. Subsequently, hit the “Go To” option.

  3. This action transports you to the specific event webpage, enabling you to use diamonds for unlocking available rewards.

Upon procuring the Carmine Ghost Gloo Wall skin, it can be equipped via the in-game vault. Showcasing this exclusive skin will undoubtedly boost your standing in the game, impressing peers on the battlefield.

While the event promises an exclusive Gloo Wall skin, it’s hidden behind five locks. Players must adeptly choose the correct lock to obtain the skin. Thankfully, repetitive rewards are ruled out. Thus, a maximum of five attempts guarantees the primary prize. Still, as the cost escalates with every subsequent attempt, it’s advisable only for players with ample in-game currency to indulge.