How to Get Vexana Zenith Skin in ML for Cheaper Price

How to Get Vexana Zenith Skin in ML for Cheaper Price

While the Vexana Twisted Fairytale skin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) can be quite expensive, there are various ways to make the price a bit cheaper. Various events and offers shall be released during the ALLSTAR 2024 festivities where players can wait patiently to reduce the Diamonds needed to acquire the latest skin. Free tokens shall also be given to players on an event that can be used to draw from the Zenith Vexana Twisted Fairytale skin in ML. However, acquiring the skin for free may not be possible as it requires a lot of Diamonds to reach the guaranteed drop.

Here is how players can get the Vexana Zenith skin in ML and how many Diamonds are needed to get this new cosmetic.

How many Diamonds are needed to get Vexana Twisted Fairytale skin in MLBB

Without Discounts and free tokens, players need a maximum of 6,000 Diamonds to get the Vexana Zenith skin. The skin is guaranteed to drop in 120 draws or less and each draw costs 50 Diamonds.

Keep in minds that there will be discounts available for players that can minimize the price of each draw. Players may also be able to acquire the skin in less than 120 draws if they are lucky.

How to get Vexana Zenith skin for cheap price

Here are ways players can reduce how many Diamonds they need to spend to acquire the Vexana Twisted Fairytale skin in ML.

Skin recharge event

This will last from 30th March to 2nd April 2024. Players can recharge Diamonds during this event to claim tokens that can be used to draw in the Twisted Fairytale event. 

Here is a quick look at the tasks and rewards that players can get in the upcoming event;

  • Log in to the game – 1x Tokens

  • Recharge any amount of Diamonds – 4x Tokens

  • Recharge 100 Diamonds – 6x Tokens

  • Recharge 250 Diamonds – 8x Tokens

  • Recharge 500 Diamonds – 10 Tokens

Keep in mind that each of these missions can only be completed once. A total of 29 draw tokens can be acquired through the event.

First Draw Discounts

Over the duration of the event, the first 1x and 10x draws in the event will have a special discount. The first 1x Draw is priced at 25 Diamonds while the first 10x draw is priced at 350 Diamonds.

Getting duplicate skins

Skin collectors in Mobile Legends can get more chances at claiming the Vexana Zenith skin for a cheap price the more skins they own. 

Duplicate skins from the Twisted Fairytale draw event will be converted into tokens which can be used again. This allows players to easily reach 120 draws to get the guaranteed drop.

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