How to Unlock Warzone Mobile Battle Pass Without Spending Money Using Free CP?

How to Unlock Warzone Mobile Battle Pass Without Spending Money Using Free CP?

The battle pass system in Warzone Mobile works a bit differently compared to other mobile games. While you have the option to purchase it directly, Warzone Mobile provides a way for dedicated players to unlock the battle pass for completely free, although requiring a massive grind over multiple seasons.

It’s a significant long-term commitment, but at least the option exists for free players. Let’s take a look at how this works in-game.

Simplest Way to Unlock Warzone Mobile Battle Pass for Free

The key is in the free CP (Call of Duty Points) that are rewarded through the premium battle pass tiers. At tiers 56, 66, and 96, players earn a total of 300 free CP with each season’s battle pass.

This free CP can then be saved up for four seasons to accumulate the required 1,100 CP to purchase the base version of the next battle pass without spending any money.

However, it’s important to note that each Warzone Mobile battle pass season runs for nearly two months. This means it will take approximately 7-8 months of continuous grinding across four seasons before having enough free CP to claim a battle pass.

Black Cell Battle Pass

The Black Cell premium pass, priced at around $30 USD, offers unparalleled value with exclusive content. Unlocking 18 unique Black Cell rewards, including 11 reactive operator skins and 6 weapon blueprints with tracers and kill effects, adding a sleek black and gold aesthetic to the base rewards.

It also includes an extra operator bundle, two tracer blueprints, a Warzone Mobile exclusive blueprint, and a bonus of 1100 CP along with 20 tier skips for faster progression.

Despite its higher cost, many consider it superior value compared to purchasing separate bundles throughout the season. However, optimal enjoyment of these rewards depends on improved graphics and game performance.

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