How to Use Promo Diamonds in ML 2023

How to Use Promo Diamonds in ML 2023


Knowing how to use Promo Diamonds in ML (Mobile Legends Bang Bang) is important for players who are looking to purchase skins at a low price. As an event that only happens a few times each year, players will want to be careful in how they spend their special tokens. The Promo Carnival is a rare event that allows players to acquire Promo Diamonds which can be used to offset the price of a skin. However, at least 1 regular Diamond is required in order to purchase a skin. Here is a guide on how to use Promo Diamonds in ML for the year 2023.

Where to get Promo Diamonds in Mobile Legends?

Players can acquire Promo Diamonds in ML through various events such as the Promo Carnival. These events usually arrive before major festivals such as the 515, also known as the ALL STAR, or the 11.11 event. 

Completing missions will reward players with Promo Diamonds which can only be used when the main event arrives. Players can acquire large amounts of such special currency at random in the last few days before the main event kicks off.

How to use Promo Diamonds in ML?

Players can use Promo Diamonds as a substitute for regular Diamonds in Mobile Legends. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it;

Take note that 1 Promo Diamond in ML holds the same value as 1 regular Diamond. To slash the skin price to its minimum, players should ensure they have an ample supply. In cases of insufficient funds, the item or skin can still be acquired at a discounted rate, determined by the quantity of the special currency used as compensation.


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