Impunity KH Announces Brief Hiatus as It Undergoes Roster Revamp

One of the most iconic Khmer teams in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports, Impunity KH, announced that it may be taking a short break next year. The esports organization explained that the recent upsetting seasons have led to the decision of a roster revamp. Impunity KH has released its roster to give its players time to decide whether they wish to join another team or not. The Khmer team did assure fans that it shall return to the esports scene once it has finalized a new and improved roster. However, in the meantime, the team will lay low for a while as it prepares for its next appearance in the Mobile Legends Professional League Cambodia (MPL KH).

Impunity KH to skip next year’s MPL Cambodia – Challenger Cup

Through a Facebook post on 1st November 2023, Impunity KH shared a surprising announcement with its fans. According to the post, the team is considering skipping the MPL Cambodia – Challenger Cup next year as it prepares for a complete overhaul of its team roster.

“Impunity KH would like to inform everyone that the team is not going to compete in MPL Cambodia – Challenger Cup early next year which is to compete for a slot in next season’s MPL KH,” captioned the post.

The post explained that this decision was due to the team’s recent subpar performance in tournaments. “As you may be aware, our champion’s team members have gradually moved on from esports due to personal development. After two disappointing seasons in 2023, management of Impunity KH drew a conclusion that we need a total revamp of the team from the current standard.” 

Impunity KH releases entire roster as it undergoes revamp

To allow its players to continue competing next season, the team has decided to release its roster so its members can join other teams and continue their esports journey. 

“Meanwhile, due to the latest timing change of MPL Cambodia – Challenger Cup, we also do not want some of our current members to risk not being able to play next season’s MPL if we fail to secure a slot in next MPL-KH. This is why we have decided to dismiss the current team and informed everyone to make the best decision for themselves for next season,” the post captioned.

The team assured fans that “Saying goodbye is for reunite. Until next chapter……” hinting that Impunity KH will be back soon with a new and improved roster.